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Alternative Cat Food Choice

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(Disclaimer: Do not work for this company nor am I a distributor!)

I've not seen this food mentioned here before that I can remember so thought I'd post this as an alternative for some people. Diamond Active Cat Naturals. I feed it to the Ferals and some of my 10 inside cats. They all absolutely love it! The first few ingredients are: Chicken Meal, Ground Rice, Chicken Fat, Natural Chicken Flavor, Salmon Oil (Omega's). Protein is 40%, Fat 20%, Crude Fiber 3%. 4,000 kcal/kg 400 kcal/cup No by-products, No corn. The food goes through 151 Quality and Safety Checks.

Cost is $16.99 for #20. Purina Cat Chow #18 cost range from $9.99-$12.99 here and there is no comparison in quality as far as I am concerned. This is a far superior food at a similar price. It is available at Petco, Petsmart, Pet Food Plus, some local Feed Stores and online at Pet Food Direct.

I've tried most all of the foods suggested on this site and the cats voted for Evo, California Naturals, Blue Spa Select and Wellness and Innova wet foods. They have been on these since last years tainted pet food incident. I refuse to feed my cats or dogs anything that has gluten, or by-products in it. They have several choices available to them at all times. Since Evo and Cal Naturals decided to change some things they are not as fond of them anymore but continue to eat them. Wish they wouldn't always do that with the foods.

Hope this info is helpful for some as a low cost alternative to Purina, Iams, ect.
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It has been ... trouble is in many area s only the reg diamond are avail...
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I got some samples of that (from the company) over the summer when I emailed all of the companies I could think of because I was in a search for a new food.... I believe diamond also makes chicken soup for the cat lover's soul...which was well recieved by my cats. My cats thought the diamond naturals was ok, but didn't scarf it down like the chicken soup. I ended up choosing EVO, but if diamond was available locally (I believe it is common at feed stores) it would also have been an option.

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We don't get the variety that you do in the States. Evo, Innova & Cal. Nat's have come here but only in a select few pet stores * I haven't been there yet to give it a go. Of those 3 which would be the best?
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Of the choices you have available to you, California Naturals seems to be the top favorite of those 3 you mentioned and Evo was second. All are really top of the line dry foods. Evo is sometimes to rich for some cats (High protein). Of my crew the Cali Natural is eaten by all except the one who is diabetic, and it did not create any bathroom issues.

Can you get some samples to try? You could even email the comapany and perhaps they would send you some. The sample packs are available where I buy their food also but this is the States.

LOL Food can be great but if they won't eat it. rather useless!
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Originally Posted by Whispern'Cats View Post

LOL Food can be great but if they won't eat it. rather useless! :lol3:
That is the truth

In Australia I know there are many good brands that we dont have stateside... found out when a Aussie k-9 handler met me in a store

just a FYI ... I checked the only store here that carries it ... 20lb was 25.99 so not much savings as it was $$$ over other premiums..
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