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Here at last is Cinders

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I have been very remiss in not taking pix of Cinders, but I have not wanted to upset her and she has been living in my bedroom since I acquired her from my mother in September. However, she has begun to join us all downstairs for a while each day, and here are some pix. Although she is totally black, like Ellie, they could not be more different in type. And it is strange that Ellie is still the one cat who will not tolerate the newcomer, a feeling which is reciprocated.

Here is Cinders in her usual place, on her blanket by my pillow

Downstairs on the sofa, keeping a watch for that other black cat

Relaxed enough to wash
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She's beautiful I'm glad to here that she is starting to come out more.
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Oh I missed that you got a new kitty Jenny! She's gorgeous!
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She's a beauty Jenny...I'm glad she's decided to come down and join the others, if only for a while
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I have to carry her down and put her on the sofa. Then she decides how long she will stay - the longest so far is two hours. But tonight, Biscotte peed on the place where Cinders had been sitting, so that is not good news.
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Oh Jenny she's so sweet and looks like she's settled in well with you

Biscotte that's naughty having a tinkle like that!
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She is beautiful!!
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Where have I been?! I didn't know you got a new kitty, Jenny! She's a beauty!
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She's a beauty, Jenny! I'm glad she's relaxing some and mostly accepted -- that this trend continues.
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Awwww what a black beauty she is.

Sending calming vibes for her and love Cinder vibes to the rest
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What a beauty!!
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What a beauty! Isn't that strange - it's my black cat that gets picked on, too!
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