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Saturday, What are your Plans?

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Morning All:

Cold and snowy here this morning---imagine that I am starting to forget what sunshine looks like.

Heading off to work shortly so to all of you that get to stay in bed because it's the weekend

Have a couple of errands to run after work, then picking up a video for this evening.
Put the fixings for Beef Stew in my crock pot this morning so that and some crusty bread will be dinner.

The kitties all decided to go back to bed so they are napping right now.

Everyone have a good one.
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DH took the car in for oil change this morning. When he gets back, we can start working on painting/patching the living room walls again.

Then in the afternoon, we are gonna visit some friends we met at the cat show. They have 2 Oci's and want us to come and evaluate them to see if they could be shown. They think the girl is better then the boy.

more Oci's to play with...........maybe DH will see how much more fun and better it is to have more then one Oci in the house, and I can get Charlie a baby brother next year. Keep your fingers crossed.
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Going to be sunny and around 60 F (16 C). I have a salsa class with Ysmari today. She is tough, but a really good dancer and nice. Perhaps the most exciting thing that I am doing today is taking my son to get his hair cut.
Your beef stew sounds delicious. I might make pasta tonight, but there is a new fish restaurant in town that has a raw bar. I may get lucky tonight if we go there and eat oysters.
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I'll have to grade some in-class essays, but I also plan to run errands (especially the grocery store--our freezer is practically empty) and to do a partial water change to the aquarium. If I'm lucky, I'll sneak in a nap with the cat.
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John's parents are going to pick up the new horse shortly so John and I have to work on getting his stall ready. Then we're going to go do some shopping in town and then I'll probably be in the barn the rest of the day, lol.
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Well, I STILL haven't finished the Sat/Sun plans for the past 3-4 weeks!

Sitting here, awaiting a return phone call from the folks I'm buying my kitchen cabinets from. (Figuring out all of the problems with the cabs is why none of
my previous weekend plans are done. Longgggg story....)

I have a killer sinus headache, too.

Plan to finish emptying out my cabinets, so we can demo then very soon; boxing up some more unneeded stuff for the Goodwill (I have taken at least 12 boxes there the past 2 weekends!).

Laundry, cleaning, dinner out, WalMart.

I just KNOW nobody else is having SUCH an exciting day as I am!
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We're going to get our haircut, do a couple of errands, maybe go out to lunch, not sure.
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Make sure you have the camera in the barn with you to take pics of the new big baby
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I have to work 2-8:30 tonight, just like almost every Saturday. It probably wont be very busy because its been snowing a lot. I'm alone all morning and then after work tonight because my boyfriend is working at a motorcycle show today.
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my plans are to clean house most of the day and get some laundry done, since i have been sick i haven't felt much like doing anything so since my bf is home this weekend and didnt have to work he promised to help me, but i suspect that he will actually want to go to my moms for a while, he helps them work in the yard and garden. i wanna go fishing so bad i cant stand it, but i dont have the money for my liscence yet and my brother who is my fishing buddy has to work. maybe if its warm enough next weekend i will talk him into taking the day at least off so we can take the boat out to the lake.
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Well so much for the plans. Car needs some extra work; so we are not going this week to see the other Oci's. But its no visability around here - to dangerous to drive. So its just the painting the living room now.
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During the day I need to do laundry. Notice I said need I'm now watching the first episode of Survivor that I taped from Thursday night.
Tonight my family is getting together and going out to celebrate my Dad's 91st birthday and my birthday as well.And before the day is done I will change the "kids" litter boxes.
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I have work all day today (on my lunch break at the moment!) when i get off work today i'm planning to come home and get a hot shower then finish unpacking some more of the house and figure out dinner. Colin's helping my sister move into our old house today so i may go over there tonight and help out a little if i have time.
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Good afternoon!

I am trying to get ready for my neices birthday party..just got outta the shower and going to be leaving soon

Already been to the gym and back
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Good afternoon!

I've been up since 6:45am. I went up on the mountain today to release a vole back into the wild. I don't know how I feel about the whole thing... I'm so worried that the stress she went through in the last few days will be too much for her to bear. Or that she wont be able to stay warm or find shelter from predators. I left her a whole bag of hamster food, a box in which to hide, a blanket... but I'm still worried.
Please send some prayers to little Squish that she'll stay safe.

The rest of the morning / early afternoon has been amazing!! I went to a conference at the university and it was so great to feel like I was back at school. I'm just beaming now from all the intellectual stimulation and the social atmosphere of the conference.

Now I'm back home for a few hours to do some laundry and cleaning then I'm heading back to the conference for the last session of the day... and then back again tomorrow morning.

This is so much fun!!
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My Godmother from Maine came to visit today. Her daughter from Montana and the other in Rhode Island came with. It was so nice to see them. It's been over 3 years since I saw the girls.
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