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OW OW OW OW OW.... and some more OW!

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Anyone ever had this happen?

I haven't been long out of bed this morning, and was sat at the computer with my legs bare. Sonic hopped up onto my lap for a cuddle which was all going fine, but all of a sudden his backside slipped off my lap...

He dug 8 back claws into my right calf, and 10 front claws into my left thigh, and then slipped down my right leg, leaving me with multiple bleeding wounds over both my legs, all the skin rucked up in furrows!!!

He didn't mean to hurt me but Ow it hurts!!!!
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yep, lol it hurts have 4 long marks on my leg where eazy fall off,
and when heyu missed a the jumped(she never been very good at it)
she tried to dig in with her 3 claws and really dug a hole She only has 3 on one front paw

blame it on nate hehe.
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Ouch! Sounds as if Sonic is in for a manicure!
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Oh godd do I ever know the feeling!! My two kittens Eek and Jax, think that to get my attention they need to jump on me and hang from my bare legs or pants, but the little turkeys never jump on the front side of me, its always the back side of me!! So Ill pat my hands on my legs to get them to jump, and they wont. Then Ill turn around and be doing something else and all of a sudden I have claws dug into me!! It sucks!!
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He keeps walking across my lap, it's ok when he sits down and stays still but he's being wriggly this morning...

They are doing their best to drive me round the bend at the moment, they do get excited when I have a day off. I have just had to spray the carpet at the bedroom doorway with bitter apple to stop Radar pulling it up and chewing at the edges, he really is quite bonkers
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Butzie is very friendly but is not a lap cat. I tried to get her interested in the computer but she would rather preen herself. Typical girl.
She sits under my computer desk and if I happen to move my feet she just meows.
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Ooooh sounds painful!!!

We have a big square 8 seater dining table, and whenever we sit at it (which is only when we have people over), Smudge gets bored with not being centre of attention so comes and jumps on a pair of legs under the table. She then proceeds to walk around to everyone's laps while they're eating. And being the unco little chicken that she is, she regularly falls off. Our poor guests...
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Yep...I have had that happen before...Now I make sure to catch them before they fall!!!
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Ohhh, sounds painful! I havn't had that happen but I've gotten loads of painful scratches before (1 tht was right down my middle finger before...D
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Bella tried to jump on the bed this morning , She missed the edge of the bed and got my leg. I have 8 nice scratches down my leg.
Bella and Hemi think its fun to climb my legs too. Not nice when your not wearing jeans.
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Ouch! I've had something similar. In the summer last year, I was standing in the kitchen when all of a sudden Eric decided to climb up my leg like it was a tree. Since it was summer, I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. That left a couple nasty scars.
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That sounds very painful. I have been really lucky with my guys and only been scratched badly a couple of times. The worse for me was when Linus who had been sitting on my shoulder lost his balance and caught me really badly on the back..He was actually hanging there by his claws for a few seconds..
That hurt like $(#&%)#@_%*#......
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welcome to life as a human scratching post.
Sibohan has this habbit of jumping onto my shoulder from the floor, somtimes she misses and I get climbed. Liquid bandaid works well.
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