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cat sneezing

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My cat, who is healthy otherwise, has been chronically sneezing for months and months now. I've seen two vets, tried all resp. meds, etc. She is not sick. May be allergies. Anyway, my question is does anyone have any good ideas for unstuffing her poor little nasal passages? And stop the sneezing?
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The easiest and cheapest way to try to unclog her nose is for you to keep her in the bathroom with you with the door closed while you shower. The bathroom should get nice and steamy, which will help loosen the congestion.

A humidifier might also help.

I'm not sure if nose drops are safe for cats. Even if they are, good luck being able to tilt your cat's head skyward while squirting the drops into her nose.

I can't advise you how to stop the sneezing because no one seems to have any idea what's causing it. Really, it could be so many things. The vets had no ideas? This doesn't sound like something that ought to persist for "months and months".

Above all, make sure that she continues to eat normally. Her appetite depends strongly on her ability to smell.

Hope this at least helps a little.
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Have they checked her nasal passages for polyps?
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my cat as well... he sneezes sometimes but not every day. he also seems to have a bit of running nose but it's only tiny bit and don't seem to bother him at all. i have took him to the vet and they said can be anything!! but since it comes and goes, so she told me that wouldn't be anything worrying. can that be anything serious?? should i take my cat to see other vet?
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If your cat is just sneezing and nothing else, she's probably allergic to something. Gabriel, one of my furbabies, was having several sneezing fits a day, almost every day, but no other symptoms of anything else, when I was living in another place several years ago. Since I've moved, his allergies cleared up, and I rarely ever hear him sneeze anymore - except once in awhile when the pollen count seems to be high. I don't know for sure what it was he was allergic to when I lived at the other residence, but I'm thinking it was pinetree pollen b/c there were alot of pine trees at the old place. I was also having a lot of problems myself with my allergies at the old place, which have also cleared up immensely since we've moved. I was having to take a lot of allergy meds when living there, and for Gabriel, I gave him children's Benadryl to help with his sneezing & stuffiness. It seemed to help him.

If your cat isn't having any other symptoms besides the sneezing, I would think it's b/c he's allergic to something. If he develops more severe symptoms, a trip to the vet might be in order.

I hope it's nothing serious.

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