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What to do about/with Big Tom?

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As some know we're in the process of moving a small feral/stray colony up to our property. We have The Perfect Fence up and we have almost everybody in it. Sassy is in our home with us as he had an accident a bit ago that left him with some brain damage. We have his Mom (Small Fry), his older sister (Sweetheart), His same age Brothers (Ying and Yang) and his one same age sister (Trouble). Left to bring up is older brother (Punk) same age sister (Oreo) and their Daddy (Big Tom).

Now, Big Tom just hardly ever shows up. He's a real sweet boy towards me and loves to get a kiss on his head when he sees me. I see him maybe once a month, if I'm lucky, in the past year of seeing him. So. I'm left to wonder if I should trap him and move him up here too or just let him enjoy his wondering ways? I do plan to neuter him and I don't think he has another home somewhere. He does have another cat family as he brought a son with him on this last visit. LOL

Any advice? Thanks!
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Oh goodness, such a dilemna. When we were moving, we had one kitty that would make a perfect pet, but we felt really strongly she needed to be an indoor/outdoor kitty, and we just couldn't accomodate that. We knew she was SO happy where she was and cats are so territory oriented, it was really a quandry for us too.

In the end, we found a home for her where she could be in an indoor/outdoor environment - and we shipped her from NJ to OR. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make.

One thing to remember - once they're neutered, they are less territorial, and less inclined to wander. So.... since he's such a sweetie, maybe the best thing to do is to trap him, have him neutered, and bring him home to the colony.

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Hi Laurie!

Thank you for the help. I've been leaning towards bringing him up as I'll have everyone else and I feel he'd get lonely down the other place when they are gone.

Big Tom showed up again today, much to my suprise. This is the most I've seen of him (4 days in a row). I think he's showing that it's his territory down there and nobody else's. I haven't seen poor Punk these last 5 days so I know Big Tom has been keeping Punk away.

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Sounds like Big Tom is giving you the answer. If he's off to the vet for his neuter and released into what will be his new home, Punk'll be back. At least - that's the way I'd look at it.

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Well, Big Tom is on leave again. I'm starting to think he's just a warm weather kinda guy. Punk is back, though, and happy to see me and food. LOL

The new boy cat I've just decided to call him "New Kitty". I am so out of names for cats so that's the best I can do. He's another tuxie but he starts as a medium gray in the face and ends as a dark charcoal gray at his tail. His nose pad is a dark shade of gray and from his mouth to his chest is white. All 4 feet and even his tummy is white. I'm starting to wonder if he isn't a sibling for Ying and family as he *looks* about their age and their Mom made "mom" sounds at him.

I talked to him and showed him I'm the food person and he came within 5 feet of me and meowed a few times then ran off. I give him about a month and I'll be able to touch him for a few brief seconds. So now my tiny colony is up to 9 kitties.

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So glad Punky's back!

You could kind of condense "New Kitty" into Niki. ?

At least we know Big Tom will be back.

This is such a wonderful thing you're doing.

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