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Storm cleanup

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Trace Tumblebrutus is contributing to the cleanup effort by raking all of the dead grass in the enclosure into a ball, and shoving it into a corner.

I'm sure there's a method to his madness, but he's not telling me what it is

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lol maybe he is making a nest? that is funny
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maybe he is covering poo?
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possibly hiding an excape route?
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What a sweetheart! Aren't you so fortunate to have all that help!
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Look at that handsome boy! You look like you disturbed him, hehe
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Very funny!!

He is adorable!
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He looks too innocent to be up to nothing!
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That is hilarious
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Maybe it's a trap for those birdies?
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That look on his face is priceless - "yes??"

I think hes plotting what it is!
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that's lovely!
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