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Ad-Ware/Spy-Ware Software?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for any good ad-ware/spy-ware software...preferably free? I've been using Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE, but I just recently tried to update it and keep getting an error message and am unable to update it. Looks like I need to find something new to use to clean out any adware, etc. If you have any that you'd recommend to purchase, I'd be interested in that too!

I know I need to empty my cache, clean out temporary internet files, and dump the cookies, just haven't gotten around to it...and I know it's going to take a l-o-n-g time, because it's been ages since I last did it. I need to do it because my computer is running rather slow lately. It probably wouldn't hurt to defrag it either....

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If you use Firefox you can get the Adblocker addon which helps, otherwise, I run an AVG triple threat combo, all three programs have free, personal use versions.
AVG -AntiSpyware
and AVG Antivirus
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I had the SAME problem!! Just go to ad-aware's website and download the ad-aware 2007, it's is gives you more options than the last one and it fixed whatever error there was on previous version. It is FREE!
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Thank you both! I will look into the recommendations. I really like Ad Aware (and know how to use it...which is a big help, lol), so I'll probably try that first!
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If ad-aware 2007 doesnt work for you, there is also Spybot, it's free.

If you can pay for something, Symantec Antivirus is good, as it also protects against Spyware and has Firewall protection.
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Good thread, thanks - I was wondering what the heck the problem with my AdAware was!

I also use Spybot - it picks up stuff that AdAware misses.
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My picks: www.ewido.com (Use to be Ewido, but AVG bought it out)
Spybot Search & Destroy: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/download/index.html (4th whitebox down)

Yahoo! Toolbar use to come with a free version of Norton Anti-spyware...don't know if they still do or not. That was a really good one. A few years ago my computer session got redirected when I clicked on a link. Took me a full year to get off all the crap and Norton finally gave whatever it was the boot.

I left of Ad-aware only because I've never been successful at removing stuff by them. However that's just from experience in the business (rather than home) and end-users can do a bunch of doozies to their work computers.
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