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Caught him in the sink

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What a cutie! I catch my Martha in the tub all the time's so darn cute!!
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Turn the water on! Angel does that too and I use that opportunity to introduce her to water. (A trickle of course, but she's getting better at not freaking out as much now.)
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hehe, very cute. heyu will sit on the bathroom counter, wand wait for me to turn on the water for her to get a drink
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Wow, what a handsome guy!!
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my cat hates the sink cause when she was little she was put in the sink and water turned on her but i catch her licking the water drops from the tub
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Adorable pic
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that's lovely!
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He is a cutie!!
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Kit hasn't yet discovered the sink, but he's ALL ABOUT the tub. He'll wait outside the bathroom and cry until we get out and open the door... and then he leaps into the tub, wet paws be darned, and has a field day.
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Awwwwww.Thats cute.
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What a cutie pie =) My kitty Hankie likes to sit in the sink too, ecspecially when I need it.
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Silly kitty! He's so cute!
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Awww! There should be a cuteness warning for this guy.
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OH dear!!
Good to hear i'm not the only one with that problem. Myla just discovered my master bedroom sink.
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