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Meowing cats driving us crazy

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I have two male cats, both are neutered male. They meow in the early mornings at around 4:30am or 5:00am but Toby starts when we just getting in bed. Joey isn't as bad as Toby but he can be bad some mornings, he meows at my door and I have to let him in, i put dish of kibbles down soo he can eat them then he wants back out of the room. They both are quiet through the day. Toby is worst for sleeping, he sleeps are all day and night. when he meows my mom has to get after him with the water. They get their feeding early in morning around 6:00am, sometimes they shut up and other times they still meow. I have to mention this Toby is declawed on all four paws and has a broken foot, he was like this when we adopted him. I just want the meowing to stop all together, also we leave the radio on and one light on. I figure that he is meowing because he been declawed and has a broken foot. Any suggestion, please help and reply to this message. Thanks for your time and consideration. Does anyone else have a meowing cat?
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You say that Tobey has a broken foot? Was it never set correctly? Can he bare weight on it? Have you checked his feet to be sure they are okay? It is not uncommon for declawed cats to become biters, and or aggressive. That was a lot of pain someone had him deal with when they declawed him, and as they removed his toes, he had to learn to walk and balance all over again. Adding to that is his old injury of a broken foot, so no wonder this cat is a bit aggressive.

I would also ask that your mom stop throwing water on him, because that will just add to his aggression and his stress level. Before you go to bed at night, give him a nice bowl of wet food, right before your head hits the pillow. He should sleep through the night then.
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We feed before we go to bed and we always makes sure he has kibbles down in his plate. When we get up in the morning, there is still some food in his dish. I know him by now, he doesn't want anyone going to bed. We are just got in bed and he starts meowing. He is soo quiet through the day, so he is not sick at all and he sleep soo much through the day.
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Give him canned food before you go to bed, not dry. Helps them sleep through the night.
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Well, I didn't know but I will try to see if that works. I always feed them dry food so I will feed them wet food to see if they sleep through the night.
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Please click here and click here too to read about how others have handled this problem.
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My 1 1/2 year old "daughter" will NOT SHUT UP! EVER! (unless sleeping!) it's like she has been in heat for a solid year! However, it seems to us like she just has a lot to say...like she is talking to us...constantly...because she does display a difference during a heat cycle...haven't gotten her fixed because she went through abdominal surgery less than a year ago and vet said to wait a little longer...anyways...we have told her to "shut up" so many times that she is actually mimicking us now!! she plays with us and our other 3 cats, she eats, everything is normal otherwise...ANY suggestions? HELP! :confused3
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The secret to stopping constant meowing is to NEVER EVER respond to her in any way when she is meowing. Don't even yell. She meows because she wants attention and when you yell at her when she is meowing, you are giving her attention.

This behavior usually starts when people think the meowing is really cute. So, when the cat was young and would meow, the people would talk back or would snuggle or pet the cat. Eventually, the cat learned "Hey, if I just meow long enough and loud enough those people will talk to me."

So....now that you know why she is meowing, what you want to do is pay attention to her every time she is quiet! As soon as she stops meowing, immediately scratch her head and tell her how good she is. If she starts meowing again, then immediately stop paying attention. Just turn your back and act like she doesn't exist. Eventually she will learn that to get your attention she must be quiet.

Please note that if anyone in the house continues to respond to her meowing, it will make it very difficult to break the behavior. However, if EVERYONE gives her lots of attention when she is quiet, you will have much better success.

Finally, I am quite sure that once she is fixed, her meowing and neediness will improve greatly. As soon as the vet gives the go-ahead, please get her spayed.

Good luck!
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I agree about getting this poor thing seen for pain relief. He's declawed and has a broken foot !! He's probably in pain. Get him seen to, please.
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