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Shelter cat gave me a fright!

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Bear with me - this is a health related post.

We have a 6 month old black male kitten named Balu who is very active. When I am done cleaning, I give my shelter babies wet food as a treat.

I put the food in Balu's cage and turned to do something else. He started to scream and cry and jumped out of the cage and started running around.

To my horror, when I turned to see what was going on, there was a long, string-like THING hanging out of his butt!! Oh, no.... what was it? A worm?

He flopped down and tried to clean himself. I was able to catch him and again, to my horror found that it was indeed a string. He was wriggling and crying. I managed to hold him and gently extracate the string with a piece of paper towel. Man, that thing was 6 inches long!!!!!

I was very shaken and upset; So was Balu! I found the offending toy that was the source of the string and threw it away.

Do you think there would be any lasting problems if I got the string intact? It was about an eighth of an inch wide.

I did call our rescue director and left her a message about what happened.

After about 10 minutes, Balu seemed like his normal, playful self.
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Now that the string is out of his system, I think he should be ok.

I found a leather string in my cats' stool once. My cat just have bit off the leather strings from my jeans, and ate it! The width of the string was probably | |... very thin. Since then, I've been careful not to leave any "edible" stringy things out.
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He should be ok. I had it happen before years ago and my Cat was ok.
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I hope so. He's a darling little fella. I was worried that if there is more there could be an obstruction...
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Ohh, I hate to even share the story but Im going too!

My MIL's cat Scrat became real sick one day, couldn't eat, couldn't drink, threw everything up! So they took him to the vet and they told her to watch him closely, so she did. After a month or so it was still happening, so she took him back to the vet! This time they did an x-ray on him and found something looked wrong. So they did exploratory surgery, while they were in there they found string had gotten caught around his bowels and perforated it! The kitty died on the table.

It was a very thin string though! I would just keep a look out for any weird symptoms! Good luck!
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