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Homemade Cat Tree photos are here!!

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Well the cat tree isn't finished but its getting there. I've had a cold this week so things are getting delayed. I need to add some more sisal and a few other things.

The platforms are 2ft high, 3.5 ft, 4.5 ft and 6 ft. The platforms are 20 inches long by almost 12 inches wide.

So far I've spent around $35 and have about 2.5 hours of labor involved.

Jack/Junior (depends who is calling his name, daddy didn't care for Jack) is loving the sisal and has climbed with all four feet up to the top, but is very unsure what to do when he gets to the top of the sisal. He loves the spring toy I attached under the bottom platform and he thinks its pretty cool that the third platform has a great view down into the turtle tank. As for the top platform...he isn't so sure about it. He has yet to go on his own, in the picture he is on top, hubby put him up there, happy also got him down.

If anyone needs more details let me know.


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Very nice work What color carpeting will you be using? My DH is very handy when it comes to building.

When he gets back to making the exercise wheel, then I'll probably get him to build a cat tree - see what kind of boards we have left.
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Thank you--I might add I did that with no help from the hubby. I had the nice guys at Lowe's cut my boards for me and I did all the drilling and screwing.

I actually don't plan on using carpet--that is one of the biggest reasons I made one instead of buying.

I have a few other scratching surfaces to add--burlap as well as corkboard. Jack really likes laying on hard surfaces. He likes directly in front of the front door on the tile, the bathtub, on top of a set of wood bookcases and my wood nightstand the hubby built. He chooses all these over the couch and the beds.

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Interesting - never heard of a cat that didn't like to sleep on the bed. I think when we do ours we will have a mix of carpet and some bare or sisal.
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Occasionally during the day when I'm home he'll lay on the bed--and part of the night he sleeps on hubby's pillow but he does prefer hard surfaces.

I know we have a weird cat, thats why we like him!

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You did a great job on the cat tree, wish I was able to do the same.
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Thanks kalikat!
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