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Foods that claim less litter box odor.

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I was just in petsmart and noticed only 4 foods that say something about reduced litter box odor on the bag.

Nutro Indoor
Authority Indoor (petsmart brand)
Royal Canin Indoor 27

also Avoderm Indoor mentioned it on the back of the bag.

Is this something that requires testing by AAFCO to be put on the bag? And does it hold true, meaning are the formulas easily digestible for smaller poops and less odor or is it just clever marketing?

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
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I have no idea about the AAFCO testing question. Perhaps someone else on the site knows the answer to that question.

As far as less odor? I have a large household and scoop a lot of poop. Until I knew better, mine were on Science Diet for years. I switched to that when my vet told me it is more easily digested and causes less poop. Thanks to Sharky, I've switched mine to a good quality food. We went from about 28 pounds of SD every 2 weeks to 15 pounds of Innova evey 2 weeks. Is there less poop? You bet. I didn't notice that the odor changed, just less of it and therefore less odor.
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NO AFFCO definition...lol.. I dont think even feed trials cover smell as that is more opinion.. BUT most INDOOR foods have PRE and PRObiotics which would cut down on smell..Hope that helps
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I use Nutro Indoor for my three cats.

I clean their litter at least once a day, sometimes twice, and the smell isn't bad. My bathroom's trashcan is double bagged. I throw the poop in a tied grocery bag for every "poop scooping session". When the trash is full, I end up with one bag of several individual bags of poop, if that makes sense, lol. Doing that has really helped reduced the odor... at least for me.
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Matilda eats Nutro Natural Indoor (well, for now, I'm in the process of switching right now) and Chloe eats Nutro Natural Indoor Kitten. Odor isn't an issue at all. The only time I notice strong odor is when either one eats wet food made by Chicken Soup ( probably just too rich for them ) So I don't know about testing, but I do think there is some truth to the statement.
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My four year old adopted male had very stinky poo until I switched both cats over to Nutro (from Eukanuba). There was an amazing change. Now I can only smell when it's very fresh, and it's still milder than before. Before Nutro, his going to the bathoom (three rooms away) could wake me from a sound sleep. Now, I don't even notice most times. I do scoop twice a day. And, yes, you do get less volume with better quality food.
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