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Aggressive cat

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We adopted a declawed cat from the Humane Society, he has no claws on all four paws and has a broken foot, it said on the papers that he jump off a shoebox. I don't believe that one bit, I think the owner step on his foot because he does get in the way too much. Toby is a big tabby, he grew since we adopted him and I hope he doesn't get any bigger, he is a good size. Lately, I have notice that he is more aggressive with my two other cats and he loves to bite people and he bites pretty hard. First, Toby licks then bites really hard. Is that because he has been declawed and has a broken foot. Toby can get pretty rough with my female girl, Sabrina but Joey can handle Toby. I'm worry when he gets playing with Sabrina that he is hurting her but I know he doesn't mean to. When she squeaks and meows, that is when I have to stop them. I see Toby biting her and she has a hard time getting away from him. Sabrina is alot smaller then Toby is, I don't mind them playing as long as he isn't getting too rough. Is their any solution to stop this behaviour and to stop him from biting people. Please help!! Thanks!! And should I use water to stop them.
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Well yes, it's probably the fact that this cat is fully declawed and has a broken foot, that it is taking to usings it's teeth in such a manner, this is fairly common place with declawed cats.

And injured one might feel the need to defend himself even more.
I personally think they should spend quiet a bit of downtime away from eachother until this cats food is fully healed.

How long have you had him for? He should get a good bonding period in with you first while he heals. During this time, you can teach him to be gentle with his mouth. And just feeling that he's living in a secure enviroment, might calm down his "attacks" on the other cats.

Have you spoken with the vet about his behavoir, though i feel it's pretty self explanitory, and I think you see that as well. There are products out there to help calm a cat. Though I don't know how necissary that is in your case.
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