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That's sooo messed up those individuals were rude to you.
Sadly, there are alot of insecure individuals who sit behind a computer screen and bash ppl. I used to get it all of the time on this rave message board I used to post at.
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I had trouble in a Cat Chat when Stripe was Pts from Crf. There were no hosts in teh Chat Room and a person came in with the screen name Icatkiller and said good another less Cat. That person was coming in every day saying bad things to everyone. There were alot of other bad people coming in too. I quit using Aol Chats and switched to Msn after that.
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there is nothing Nice about most gaming forums and some of the other ones i go to.
The gun forum is not bad. lol of course people there all have gun so i guess we have to be polite to each other haha.

hmm, i would suggest you maybe you should hook up with several people by yahoo, or msn messenger and that would give you someone to talk to.

I know very well how hard is to lose, most people do need a support system.
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I have alot of friends on Msn Messenger that I talk to all the time. I have friends on Yahoo Messenger too. I met most of them in Msn Cat Groups. There are a few from Aol too.
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Having been on WW for many years and having worked there as a receptionist - you know, the one that weighs you in?- I can assure you that there is nothing but positive feedback at the meetings or on the website.
As a receptionist, we were told, if the member has lost weight to say, "You have lost so and so many pounds. How do you feel about that?. The reason was that, although most members would be thrilled about losing weight, other members might think that they were losing too slowly. In the latter case, and when the member gained weight, we always asked how WW could help you in the next week. Positive feedback always.
You have family members with diabetes and in cancer remission. What a clueless jerk that guy is.
Go with the goal your doctor gave you. At WW, there may be goals for height and age, but a doctor's note to WW says that the real expert has set your goal.
Hope this helps and that you are feeling great about yourself because you are on the weight loss track. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Thanks All,
My Dad has Diabetis. Its the one you take Pills for. I can not use any fake Sugars at all. They give me Severe Migraines.
Marge its Great that you lost the 75 Pounds.
Lanas Mom This lady is not shy. She is very Stuck Up and think she is better then everyone. There are alot of Shy People there taht do not talk but they do say hi when they come in.
Kilicat Thanks for the support
Everyone else thanks for the Support.
Hi Mews,

Can you use Stevia, the herb, which is now popular for a sugar-replacement? I know folks who like it; never tried it myself.

You can still make low-fat, low-sugar desserts without fake sugars. Find some good cookbooks at the library, or search online recipes.
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