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screach went to rainbow bridge this A.M.

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The vet called early this morning, Screach had some internal damage that wasnt able to be fixed and he passed away just after midnight last night. He lived a week to the day that the dog attacked him.
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So sorry that he died. I lost my Whiskers 20 Years ago today and it is still Sad.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Screach.
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What a terrible loss.

Rest in peace sweet Screach.
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I'm so, so sorry. My heart is breaking for you and your Screach. I know everyone here was pulling for him.

Much love to you, Screach, even from those of us who knew just a little about you.
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thanks everyone. Screach was my outdoor buddy, he used to follow me around the yard talking. It was hard to face going outside this morning knowing he wasnt going to ever be layin on his swing again. He had one spot on our porch swing he would nap every morning in the sunlight. He would raise his head as you walked by and give you a hello meow. I am sitting here trying to recall exactly how old screach was, he was given to my nephew when he was 14, and Ron is now 19? I think thats right. So that would have made screach around 5 or 6. I am pretty lucky though, screach will continue to live on in my heart and also through Callie, as i am sure he was Callie's father. He was the only unaltered tom around last summer and she has the same orange and white marking that he had. Callie's mom is a black feral and from my research most callicos are products of a black or black and white queen and a orange or orange and white tom.

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i'm so sorry Screach lost his valiant fight
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace beautiful boy.
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Screach fought a good fight, and so did you, Im so sorry that it ended this way!! I was hoping he would pull through....

RIP SCREACH, Play happily over the rainbow Bridge, tell Glitch I said I love him....
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Thanks guys, i took Dixie out earlier and it was so hard, i could see that nasty dog across the alley that murdered my poor screach, it was all i could do not to yell at the owners, but the kids were outside and its not their fault their parents are to irrisponsible to have pets. I am just so angry i could go over and punch that chick in her head, she just keeps letting that dog run free, animal control has warned her several times and still she dont keep her put up.
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So sorry to hear this!!

May Screach RIP
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I am sorry about you loss!
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im so sorry to hear about your loss *hugs*
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Oh, I am so sorry so for your loss RIP Screach
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