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My Crew

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I RARELY post here but I got a great picture of my kids so I thought I would post them here!!

Willoughby the Manx on top, then Kinks the Torti, then Noira the tiny black cat, then Eliott the Himmie and Da-Ku the big scaredy monster black cat

Willoughby and Kinks

Bowie, she is ours and here now but my bf's brother is taking her when he gets a new place

Noira, my baby, the sweetest girl ever!
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Gorgeous kitties!
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Awww, it's great to see your crew, Jen. They're adorable!
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love Noira
i just love a black kitty
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What a great bunch of family photos!
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
I'm stealing this one...haha j/k great cat
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OH!!! They are all so great!!! It's so cute to see them all together like that!!
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Awww!! They are all gorgeous!!
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Awww, what beautiful kitties! I just love Noria!! She is just adorable.
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Yay! I am glad u all like my Noira! I am going to get her paw print tattooed on my shoulder. Her name is Noir (as in the French word!) but its easier to say when you pronounce the 'r' and add an 'a'. She flops over and rolls when you go to pet her so my bf calls her Nori Roll like the sushi. She has a thousand nicknames. Nosey is one also because she sticks her little nose into things. Like my milk and food.

She has a heart on her belly too see?

She also gives me kisses (ignore the horrible picture of me!)

If only you could see how TINY she is
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Great to see your kitties!!

I Bowie!!
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all are really beautiful
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They are adorable, I LOVE Elliott
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Jen - they're all gorgeous (including you!) And OMG is Noira cute or WHAT! :

Ming Loy has a little heart on her tummy too! Actually - because she was a thin white stripe on her chest, we call it her little bikini. But she doesn't photograph nearly as well as Noira does - and I'd love it if she were as cuddly!

Thanks for sharing.

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lovely hehe!

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What a lovely bunch...
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