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Kim, I think Ruth is just struggling with herself right now, finding out who she really is. I about lost it with her comment about "You want me to break this arm? I will!" The look on her sister's face was priceless. So out of character for Ruth!

Could Lisa make any more faux-pax's during dinner with Keith and David? I was waiting for Keith to go off on her.

Frederico needs to chill. It's not like David and Nate are that hard to work with. And yeah, Vanessa is pretty darn clueless. LOL

I kept waiting for Brenda to show up too. I know she comes back sometime, because she's still in the cast photo that they show for the previews... I just still have a hard time believing that Nate is that happy with Ms. Neurotic Lisa. I mean, Brenda was seriously mental, but at least she was forthright about it!
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Six Feet Under has been awesome! I can't believe some of the things that have happened on the show—talk about "Twists and Turns" -- whew! I am bummed that there are only 2 episodes left, I could watch that show forever. LOL! The Fisher's are like family!

Hey Heidi!! Do you think Lisa is dead??

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I have to tape the episodes so we can have "together time" on Sunday nights (and cuz hubby doesn't like the show). Whatever!!!!

So I haven't seen this week's episode yet. It has been an interesting year, that's for sure! I was so bummed when I saw the "Only 3 Episodes left" thing last week!!!

WHAT was with Billy last week?!?!?!?
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WHAT was with Billy last week?!?!?!?
I won't give any secrets away since you haven't seen this weeks yet:
I couldn't believe he did that to Brenda!! That's one of those SHOCKING TWISTS that BLEW me away!

What's amazing about this weeks episode is ....well, I can't SAY! LOL! I don't want to spoil it for you -- we'll have to reconnect afterwards.

Funny you mention that your hubby doesn't care for the show, mine doesn't either. (My guess is that he does not like David and Keith scenes - LOL!)

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OMG! the this show is blowing my mind!

I am so disturbed by the developments, but I guess that's just the mark of a great show!
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Airprincess I totally agree! Very disturbing! That's they best way to describe the lastest turn of events, LOL!

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Thoe guy who portrays David is not gay in real life. In fact, he got married not too long ago. That doesn't prove anything in and by itself but he's on record as being straight. And I remember Keith from when he was on All My Children.

I miss Richard Jenkins as Nathaniel, the father. And the commercials in the very first episode were a riot!

Lisa is a pain in the butt with her rules, especially about food. Don't blame Nate for wanting to introduce the baby to pepperoni pizza. She could be dead or it could be some kind of weird test to see what and/or how Nate really feels about her.

Rico probably should lighten up a little. And Vanessa is headed for big trouble.

Anybody who isn't up for Six Feet Under probably shouldn't watch Oz. Only fell into this one myself during its last season. Despite the prison atmosphere and all the goings on, there is quite a bit of humor in it. Like the guy in the wheelchair. He makes an interesting narrator. And some great character actors show up, plus about half the cast of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
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My husband's name is Keith, too. That didn't help, LOL! Really, my hubby is more into CNN, Foxnews, Dateline...that sort of thing. I always tell him he'd missing out! LOL!

I forgot about those commercials!!

I think Oz is cool!
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Maybe I'll have to watch it tonight! OK, I WILL have to watch it tonight with THAT kind of intrigue going on here.

That's interesting about the actor who plays David. He's a great actor then, because he is SO convincing as a gay man.

Well, I don't think my hubby doesn't like it because of David and Keith. We met in the Goth scene, and about every lifestyle and sexual preference is fully represented there (or it was when we were in it). I think he thinks it's too "soap opera". LOL What he doesn't know......
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OMG I didn't know there was a thread about Six Feet Under here!! My husband and I are totally into it! My husband is a funeral director, so I guess that's one reason we started watching it.

I am so psyched for the final two episodes. My husband came up with an interesting theory, and I hadn't even thought of it. He thinks that Brenda murdered Lisa. What do you think??!

We also are big fans of the Sopranos.
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catsplay.com: OOOOOOOO that is a really good theory! I never thought about that one. I could see that happening, too. Now I can't wait for SUNDAY!

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I know, when he told me a lightbulb totally went off in my head too -- I couldn't imagine why I didn't think of it, but it totally fits!!
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It makes sense, too. Brenda has been so dark and depressed the past few episodes—just a little too quite.

Also, remember when Lisa went for the massage with Brenda? Wouldn't you agree that her personality changed that night? She has never been the same.

When Brenda called Nate the night that Keith and David were in the room trying to figure out where she might have used her credit card and he yelled at her...her face just dropped.

Hmmmmm! What an interesting twist!

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I don't think Brenda did it. Until Billy started expressing an unusual, shall we say, interest in Brenda, he might have been a contender. Lisa has seemed, to me, to be going off the rails for some time.
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4 more days!!

come on sunday!
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After all this talk, I HAD to watch it last night!

WOW, I didn't think it possible to pack so much into one hour!

I don't think Brenda had anything to do with Lisa. I think Lisa's been on the way to psycho for quite a while. It wouldn't surprise me if they do a "soap opera" thing and never find her so she can come back after Nate and Brenda get back together.

They are really doing a lot with Claire this season. Talk about surprise in this one, though!

IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet? IsitSundayyet?
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Hey Heidi - I agree...how on earth can they pack that much into one hour, I'll never know. They do it well though...they're stringing all of us along,, LOL!!

Yeah, the Claire pregnancy issue - what a shocker! I can't imagine Claire being a mom. She doesn't appear to have a maternal bone in her body....Have you ever seen Claire volunteer to baby sit her Maya? **grin**

Only 3 days till Sunday • Only 3 days till Sunday • Only 3 days till Sunday • Only 3 days till Sunday • Only 3 days till Sunday • Only 3 days till Sunday • Only 3 days till Sunday • Only 3 days till Sunday

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What will we do for the whole summer with nothing to watch Sun nite at 9:00??!!
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So far, I've only seen some of the first season on DVD. What a brilliant show! I have a really twisted sense of humor sometimes, and some of those beginnings are quite amusing. The one where the guy was talking nonstop, and his wife smacked him over the head with a frying pan made me laugh out loud.

I really think the acting and writing are top notch. I'll be looking for the next season DVDs, since I don't have HBO, and don't want to pay for it.
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My better half likes the twisted reality stuff, too, like the time Nate was driving past a demonstration and the signs became personal attacks on him. I liked the sudden dance routines that would occasionally break out. And the talking stiffs were a riot!

One of my favorite moments was when David suddenly turned on the guy from the other mortuary chain that kept trying to buy the Fishers' funeral home. He really read the guy the riot act in a very calm and methodical tone and sounded so serious that even Nate was impressed and taken aback. David's candid admission that he thought he was going to be sick was sweet and funny at the same time.
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As for having a twisted sense of humor, mine is kinda like a corkscrew. I find the darndest things to be amusing. And it always seems to be things no one else thinks is funny.

As for the whole premise and setting of Six Feet Under being funny, it makes me think of the classic exchange --- how can you laugh? How can you not?
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less than one hour til blast off!!

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Who wants to bed that Lisa is the 'beginning of the show' scene???!!!
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Airprincess: ROTFL! I was thinking the same thing!!

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Originally posted by catsplay.com
Who wants to bed that Lisa is the 'beginning of the show' scene???!!!
Can we bet with Monopoly money? Much safer, considering how unpredictable the show is, LOL!!!!!

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If we're playing with monopoly money, I'm in!

(of course I have digital cable, so I was able to hit info and it mentions who the 'opener' is)
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A mere 32 more minutes!!!!!!!!

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LOL! Hey airprincess, I have digital cable, too and my intro says this: David and Keith navigate troubled waters in their relationship; Frederico is dogged by trouble at home; Ruth makes time for a new friend. Does yours mention Lisa?

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mine says~

after a serial killer is excuted in texas, his daughter brings him home for a fisher & diaz funeral; Ruth spends quality time with George Sibley...

so while it doesn't give away much of anything, I have to guess the opener is the serial killer being put to death.

clever little thing, ain't I?
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Darn!!! Oh, I guess I don't mean that. Lisa is a nice girl.
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