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Six Feet Under

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I'm so stoked!!! Six Feet Under starts again this Sunday, March 3. I LOVE that show!!

Anyone else watch it?
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I haven't seen it yet, we don't have HBO, but I was wondering if it was any good, because the video store has the first? season out on DVD guess I should check it out?

woooo!!!! Heidi, you're 1 away from 5000 (congratulations) :flower:

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Hey, now I'm over 5000. What a chatterbox I am!!!

Kate, the show is slightly morbid, being that it revolves around a family who runs a mortuary. Each show starts off with someone's death, and incorporates the story of their life and funeral into each episode. The family and their relationships are horribly dysfunctional, all the while they are helping others deal with their grief. Check out the website at http://www.hbo.com/sixfeetunder/ for more info, episode summaries, obituaries of the people from each episode, and tons of other stuff.

I got hooked on the series after watching one episode, so I highly recommend it.
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i though it might be morbid, which i can't help but love to watch (CSI) i'll definitley check it out, Heidi. thanks for the link.
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do they have it on dvd?
i dont have hbo
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The first season was just released on DVD a couple weeks ago. Hubby wants to get it for me so bad, just haven't had the extra cash yet.
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have you tried sams club? we bought the sopranos dvds there cheaper than in the stores. just an idea.
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That's where we'll get it...eventually. February is such a short month, so since I'm paid hourly it's been short paychecks. Of course, the ONE time something that I REALLY WANT comes out on DVD. LOL Timing is everything.....
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do you know how much it goes for there?
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well, on their website, it's $65.87 for the 1st season.
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love this show! We'll definitly be checking it out on sunday. I bought season 1 for the S/O for his birthday.
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heidi, colby -- i have to say, we watched the first 3 episodes of 6 feet under and just fell in love. with the characters, the writing, the cinemtography... wow.

we still have another 4 episodes to go, and then whatever is left after that. we only rented 2 discs tonight, but there are still others at the video store just thought i'd share...
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Heidi - Love Six Feet Under! Never missed a show. I used to play Six Feet Under Trivia on their site all of the time, LOL!

Can't Wait!

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Yeah! It starts tonight! (I also just noticed that in my excitement I messed up the date in the first post. )

Katie, I'm glad you guys liked the show. It is so addicting!!
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Kim, I forgot to add, I played the trivia game this last week as kind of a brush up of what happened before. I got 76% overall, on all 110 questions.
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i discovering a new show, it's just unfortunate that it plays on HBO. i'll have to wait for each season to be released on DVD... !
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OK Heidi, I missed 23 out of 107.....It's been a while, that was fun! I could have KICKED myself for answering some of those questions totally stupid—LOL!! Overall, it definitely brought back a ton of memories.
I swear I answered 2 of them correct and I did not get credit. Did that happen to you at all?

What a strange message I got after taking the quiz...Laid out in the Titan dressed in Armani...Now that's spooky, LOL!!
Geeze! Nate is so cute!
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That happened to me a few times too, answering the question correctly and then saying it was wrong. And the one question "What is Brenda's brother's name?" it didn't even list Billy! So of course I got it wrong when I clicked on any of them.
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Same here! The Billy question was totally weird and the other question that was strange was number 102....I am trying to recall what it was. Hmmmm. Anyway I answered it correct and it told me I was Wrong and showed the correct answer, being the one I picked...LOL. WHATEVER...At least you witnessed the same faux pas!

Gosh, Heidi… I think we should add 2 or 3 points to our score for noticing the errors... LOL!!

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With all these great reviews you've tempted me to go rent it. But if I like it, I'll be in the same boat as blue and will have to rent the season when it comes out on video!

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Last Night's SFU Freaked me out in the beginning.... WOW!! I can't believe how it started out!!!!!!
I don't want to give TOO much away for those who haven't seen it but WOW...I think the show got even BETTER!

Also, I found out that Kathy Bates, one of my favorite actresses, is one of the directors of this show...Cool! I can see how her input would ad a creepy twist—LOL! Neat lady.

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OMG Kim! I know!! I was sitting there...They COULDN'T, could they??? Total disbelief. And the whole thing with Lisa is just strange. I don't think I like Nate as well in this new situation, but it looks like there will be all kinds of twists and turns this season. Looks like next week Kathy Bates will be in the show. According to the website, her character and Ruth start a friendship so she will be on quite a bit.
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LOL! Heidi!! I screamed the same thing..."THEY DIDN'T! OH, NO WAY!" My eyes welled up in tears when I saw David sobbing.

THEN my husband stuck his head out from the other room to see what the heck happened—I pointed to the TV ...he shook his head and went back to bed, LOL!

The deja vu that Nate was experiencing was wild. The whole trippin experience he was having from room-to-room... you definitely couldn't take your eyes off of the screen or you could get lost, LOL.

Yeah, I agree...the domesticated Nate seems so strange. Wonder when Brenda will pop her head in? Maybe that's one of the TWISTS... Lisa is neurotic, huh? Over Peanut Butter? I felt sorry mom...grin...she's such a cool mom, too.

As far as David's therapy....well, do you think he's gay in real life?

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oh shush up, you two!
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I kept waiting for the whole episode to be a dream. LOL In the preview for upcoming episodes and the little "The Buzz" thing they did after the show, Brenda is back. That should be interesting.

I don't know if David is gay in real life, but he does do Broadway shows. That's what he was doing in the time off between seasons. (Horrible stereotype, isn't it? If you're on Broadway, you must be gay!) I'm glad they are showcasing his voice more though.
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OK Blue.....I'll try to talk in code, LOL! I'll keep my lips embalmed...LOL! eeewwwwww!
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OK - It's 9:p.m. EST! Hanging on to my hat!!

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i have never seen or heard of that show before.
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Princess Purr - it's a GREAT SHOW that comes on HBO every Sunday night - very addictive -

Heidi - OK - either Ruth is struggling with her sexuality or she's trying to recapture her youth? The "Vicadan Hammock" scenes were messing with my head, You? LOL!!

And What up with Mr. Diaz? Do you think his life is THAT stressed out? Glad to see he could force him self to "Chill" with his son and Sponge Bob and not go ballistic! (I think is wife is clueless, too)

Hmmmmmmm! Wonder what's next?

When will Brenda reappear!!!??? That's what I want to know....I'm sure she won't come back paired with David...but maybe Clair? LOL! Now there's a prediction!!
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