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Hello everyone,

I'm still reading through various threads (there is so much on this site), but I just wanted to say that I'm impressed with the site as a whole and with the friendly support you all have offered.

Thank you, to all, for making these first few days so pleasant and inviting.


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I remembered when I first signed up - everyone was so helpful & friendly
One of the members helped me with what to look for when Spooky gives birth & then a couple days later, what she said happened & she gave birth!! I love this website & I always will!
The people here are so nice Thank you to everyone from me too!!
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I agree. I am very happy to be on this site. I tell ya ..I've never felt so welcomed as I did when I joined this site!
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I'm so glad you like it here!! I've been a member for over 2 years now and I cannot imagine ever leaving. TCS member's are truly amazing!
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I agree, I have never come across a more compasionate and understanding group of people. I have never had anyone condemn me for asking, what might seem "dumb" question., people are always willing to give an explaination if they know anything about the topic and are very supportive if you just have to get somthing off your chest.

I specially can't say enough about the support people offer when a pet or loved one passes away. People here might know what you are feeling but they also just let you pour your heart out and that is what adds to the support.

I couldn't be more glad to be a member.
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