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UTI Help, Tips, and Tid-bits please?

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Hey everyone I havent been on here in a long time but I need some advice.

I just found out that my one year old kitty Osiris has had a bad bladder/urinary infection for a long time. I feel so bad for not knowing because he never seemed to be in pain, was always super playful, never went out of the box, or had the urge to urinate frequently. All of a sudden a week ago he was in the box every two minutes and sitting in there for at least 5 to get just a few drops out. I looked for blood but couldnt see anything because my little bugger is quick to cover up his urine and feces asap. I took him to the vet the next day and I found out that he had a serious infection for a long time and this may be the reason he has had digestive problems (for those who arent aware Osiris has been very gassy and constantly having super stinky bowel movements, I had a fecal exam done about 3 times and nothing but slight bacteria came back). Well the vet said Osiris's urine was the color of fruit punch and that his bladder lining wasnt so pretty and this may have caused him the digestive discomfort. So they put him on Baytril (twice a day a half tablet at a time) and also Dasquin (to be taken twice a day). He gets a check up in two weeks to see if the meds need to be continued (it has been suggested I stick with the Dasquin). Also he has been getting a tablespoon of yogart each day. He is doing much better and it has only been a week. No more gas or excessive bowel movements, however they still reek when he passes them.

Here is my question. I had Osiris (and Tiger and Nollee) on California Natural. My vet told me that is a HORRIBLE diet and suggested I use the UTI Science Diet, Royal, or Purina formulas. Im not a fan of SD but that is what they praise (we all know why). No matter what foods I have had my kitters on they claim it is horrible (even EVO). A friend of mine on here (who also goes to the same vet) suggests I put them back on nutro because the magnesium levels are quite low. I know my kitties loved Nutro and I wouldnt mind putting them all back on it. I need some feedback, tips, and suggestions. Osiris is my only kitty with a urinary issue. So is Nutro ok? It would be more convenient for me if it was... Otherwise I have to make far trips to my vet to pick up the other stuff....

Sorry this was SOOOOOOOOOO Long!!!!!!!
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Nutro MAX chicken is what I always used, however they changed formulas & won't be recertified as UTI friendly furr-ever. I'm honestly not sure what to suggest....any crystals in the urine?
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There where no crystals or blockages. I was sooooo happy to hear that. What about Nutro Natural Choice versus Max?
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Natural choice in most cases is still uti friendly but unlike Max it was not designed just for that ... Max is being recertified the basic % havent changed but the only UTI cetrified ( ie tested for 18-24 months ) are purina

will eat wet???
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Im going to start him on wet. I never gave it to him before because he was so diarrhea prone and sensitive to everything I was afraid. What are some good wet choices? The only one I ever tinkered with that the kitties liked (other than Osiris who hasnt wet yet just yogart) was Felidae Chicken and Rice. Does he really need to have UTI wet? I would think that most wets would do the trick to add more moisture to his diet but Im no professional. Ok so let me see here... The MAX is actually more UTI friendly the Nutro Natural Choice?
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Rotate wets... they % keep changing ... look for max magnesium.025 preferabley .022

Yes Max was designed for UTI health
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So I can use the MAX? Hmmmm will it be ok if I put my fat cat on MAX. He used to eat my kitties MAX kitten forumla. Ive tried everything to slim the bad boy down and Id like them all to be on the same food if possible... I put him on weight management food once and he blew up like a balloon. I remember you once told me that kitten formula was ok for him. So will MAX be for all the kitties? Sorry for the million questions. I need to get some food tonight thats why Im asking. Im having issues deciding what to go with. No matter what I choose my vet is going to throw a fit when she finds out Im not keepin him on SD, purina, or royal urinary dry formulas!
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try the adult max... ie kitten often works but AFFCO statement say s growth and lactation not all stage...
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Well Osiris is a year old now... Nollee is going on 2 and Tiger is 6. Nollee and Osiris are at a good weight (Nollee has a puch but I think thats from her spay otherwise she is a skinny little thing). Tiger on the other hand just gets bigger and bigger (he's probably 17 - 20 pounds now and he should only be about 12 pounds) and he is 6. I think Ill try the MAX cat as long as Tiger doesnt blow up anymore in size (if I keep his portions in check). This helped alot. If you have any other food suggestions for UTI troubled kitties shoot them my way.
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