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Strange litter box behavior

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Hello everyone

Me and my girlfriend have a 5 year old chocolate Himalayan (Monster) that we have had since it was 8 weeks. It has been a great cat, and we have made it into an extremely loving cat. She has a very quirky wierd personality that is great, but I have a question about one thing she does.

Often when my cat is using the littler box she will stratch on the sides of the litter box while in the box. We have a covered box and she often scratches on the sides of the lid, but upon removing it she will just go ahead and scratch on the side of the tray. She has pooped in our shower before and exhibited the same behavior sitting in my tub.

She isn't scratching the littler, because when she does it goes everywhere (hence the cover) She just seems to be scratching it almost like she is OCD or something. Is this a common or unique behavior?

It's nothing bad, it's just funny to watch her sometimes in there scratching the walls for no reason and meowing at me


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I'm not realy sure why she is doing that but I noticed that my cats often do that.

My cat Heidi, who passed away, used to do that. She's go in the litter pan and then climb out and scratch on the floor like she was covering it up.

My young cats do it to sometimes, so I'm not sure but that is an interesting questions.
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There was a recent thread about this.

My 6 month old kitten makes a 15 minute ordeal out of it. Never scratching litter only the litter box.

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All of our cats scratch their litterboxes like that too...
Its just something certains cats do after going to the bathroom. Cats are such Goofballs!
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