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Help in delivery

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I have Ginger who gave birth twice before at my house (first she got to us 2 babies then in 2nd 3 babies). This time she had a bigger abdomen and I thought she will have may be 4 or 5 kitten this time. Last times she put her babies during nights, this time ( aweek ago) I was at home by morning, found her running to her box. After a while i heared the babies sound and looked to find her cleaning 2 babies,and found another dead one in the side of the box. I had read that I should not put a hand nearby the babies, so I left it and thought that she will throw it away so i can pick it up later. By second day, I noticed that it is still there and she was so tired and not able to eat or move and leave her babies in the box and stay away. I called the vet who advised me to give her calcium in milk as she may be tired from delivery or may be she is depressed for that dead baby. I did and I moved her with the 2 babies to a new box and throw the dead one. I had to go out and when I came back< I found another dead baby (4th one) on the sofa. She was Ok after that and she started to nurse her 2 babies.
I wounder should I had helped her during delivery? I do not know how, Any suggestions?
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I'm so sorry about the loss of the kittens. If mother cat has been having contractions and there's much more than an hour between kittens, I would call the vet immediately. My guess is that the dead kittens were large and were in the birth canal too long. Mother probably got very tired, and her contractions were not as effective as needed. I would consult the vet before having another litter. If you're breeding you should have his advice. I would also read as much as possible about the birthing of kittens and consult with experienced breeders.

I always put the box right beside my bed, so that I would be with mother cat. You don't want to miss the birth, in case of an emergency.
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Pregnancy sounds like it is not easy for this mama cat. With every litter she has, her health will deteriorate as well as she will become stressed out at the losses she suffered. I would like to ask you to consider having her spayed after these new babies are weaned from her.

If you do not know how to assist in birthing kittens, you can do more harm than good. The kittens come out still attached to mom and the mom has to chew the cord and the sac out from around th kittens, or you have to cut the cord and free the babies. Again, this mama cat needs a rest from having litters. I hope you will consider having her spayed later on.
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Thank you Jeanie and Hissy
Yes, the last dead baby was big as you said. Ginger is 3 years old and I did not breed her for the last 8 months as I do not breed with every cylce. I will consult the vet for her health
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