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Reoccuring Pregnant Stray

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For the past 2 springs, a very feral stray has had kittens in our shed. The first time, she had 2 and left them there with no plans to return. So once they were old enough, we took them in and now they are our babies, and are nearly 2 years old.

The second time she had 3 and we found them not long after she had them so we left them because we didn't want to hurt them. She moved them 2 times and eventually left them altogether. One ran away but we are currently taking care of the other 2 who are about 9 months old right now.

We fear that since it's getting close to spring (she had them in early may/late april both times), that she is going to come back and do it again. Both time she never came around during the pregnancy, but showed up right when it was time to deliver them and then left them.

If she is pregant again, we don't want to abort the babies, we would find good homes for them, but we don't want this to keep happening.

What should we do about this?
Is it okay to take the babies in and take care of them after their eyes are open or should we wait until she abandons them?

Thank you!
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ooo where in Ohio are you? I might be able to help. I hope you live near me!

There are places that can help, or I can personally if u are near me. You can get a spay certificate or see if u qualify for low cost or free spaying.
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Can you get a trap and have her spayed?
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according to your myspace you are too far. Try one of these places maybe??

By The Humane Society of the United States
Spay Ohio
(614) 459-7071
(614) 457-5772
(614) 459-PAWS

Spay USA

Friends of Animals

See listing under Franklin County
Franklin County (Columbus)
M.A.S.H. (Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital and Nomad Veterinary Service)
CATS ONLY - Columbus-based. Can be booked for out-of-town visits.
(614) 348-7298

Franklin County Dog Shelter
Columbus, OH
(614) 462-5581

Livingston Animal Hospital
Columbus, OH
(614) 231-8262

Columbus, OH
(614) 777-4339

Affordable Pet Care
Hilliard, OH
(614) 777-4339

Care Pet Clinic
Columbus, OH
(614) 252-4353

Cat Welfare Association (cats only)
Columbus, OH
(614) 268-6096

Pet Concern
Columbus, OH
(614) 885-3186

The Spay/Neuter Clinic (two locations)
North Columbus, OH
(614) 761-7551
South Columbus, OH
(614) 367-9933

Butler County (Hamilton, Fairfield, Oxford, Middletown)
Animal Friends Humane Society
Trenton, OH
(513) 867-5727

MARX (Minimizing Animal Reproduction without Extremes)
(Mobile s/n clinic for feral and pet cats)
Middletown, OH
(513) 465-3295

Columbiana County (Salem, Columbiana, East Liverpool)
Angels for Animals
Canfield, OH
(330) 549-1111 (Dogs ext. 322, Cats ext. 328)

Crawford County (Bucyrus, Galion)
Crawford County Humane Society
Bucyrus, OH
(419) 562-9149
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I live In Monroe County.

I don't know if we can trap her or not, we haven't tried with her, and I'm not sure how exactly.

If we could get low cost or free spaying, or even take her to a shelter or something we would love to, but we don't want to invest a bunch of money into her because she is really wild and she doesnt really stay around. We have 4 of her previous babies as is, and can't really afford to keep anymore.

I don't want to hurt her, or do anything to jeopardize her babies if she is pregnant.
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