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Quick update about Tango's eye and herpes virus

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Tango's eye is finally all clear!!!!!!! He looks BEAUTIFUL. I just wanted to THANK all of you for supporting me through out all the long months of struggling to get his eye healed up.

I will try to take a pic sometimes this weekend and post of him so you'll see how beautiful and healthy his eyes look now.

He's back to his normal self- annoying me like crazy. :
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Thats wonderful news!! So happy that hes feeling better & that he is back to his old self again!
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That's wonderful!
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That is great news. We've had small flare-ups with Carly and that was hard enough. Your patience with Tango is wonderful.
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Yeah!I'm so happy for you and Tango, you were incredibly patient and such a good mommy to him. That's so great everything is back to normal, you did an awesome job! Thanks for updating us, I'm sure many-many of us will be happy to hear these news.
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That's wonderful news.
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That is AMAZING! I am so happy you stuck it out - Tango is one lucky boy! I assume that means Buddy's been all clear for a while too?

I'm just busting with smiles.

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That's great news! I know how worried you were about him.
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CONGRATS!!! That is awesome news!!
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That's really great news, can't wait to see the pics.
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Great news Pamela

I'm so glad to hear that all your efforts payed off! Tango is lucky
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