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Our Kittens Were Adopted!

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We've been fostering two kittens since they were mere days old - bottle-fed and all! They were a joy to have with us and we would have kept them if we didn't already have two cats (in a one-bedroom apartment!)... I loved them instantly and so did hubby! We made sure to give them lots of attention and human interaction and they are EXTREMELY social little kitties! Well, they are 10-weeks old now and last night we drove up to my sister-in-law's house and brought the kits. She absolutely fell in love with them. They are brother and sister and I had been hoping to adopt them out as a pair. Well, she couldn't say no! She lives with her aunt, who has a little white pomeranian dog named Wilemina. Willy grew up around cats and was just dying to play with them, but they aren't quite ready for her just yet! The kittens put up a tough front for Willy, but were worn out after about an hour of hissing and fell asleep. Willy is a sweet dog and didn't get close enough to the kittens to really scare them or to get scratched! LOL! I am sure that in just a few days they will all be fast friends. The aunt is happy that her Willy-dog has friends to keep her company all day and sister-in-law is thrilled to have the kittens, which she will be taking with her when she goes back to college in January - by then, they should look pretty grown up and the great thing is we get to visit them anytime we want! She named them Seminole (the girl - Semmy for short) and Renegade (the boy - Renny for short). I am just glad that they went together to a great home. She also promised that as soon as they are old enough, they will both be going to the vet for spaying/neutering.

What a great feeling! :

Now our cats get us all to themselves again! Yay!
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that is wonderful news!
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It is always good to hear that kittens get good homes, esp. if they are family and you can visit with them.

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby
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i agree! and i can hardly wait to watch them grow up and become friends with Willy!
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Placing rescued kitties in a good home is the best feeling there is!

Thank you for saving them!
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You're right there! I thought I would be a bit sad because I had grown so attached to the babies, but I felt really good about leaving them there. We hung around for a few hours to sort-of reassure them so that they wouldn't be too scared. I know that they will be very happy and so will sis-in-law.
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I am happy to hear 2 poor kittens got a good home. It is especially nice to hear that spay and neuter was talked about!! I wish them a very happy lifetime together!
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