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Today was the day...

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I dropped Chase off this morning for his surgery, he is being neutered having his dew claws removed his umbilical cord hernia fixed and his baby teeth removed...I cried all the way home I miss my little guy already! I get to pick him up tomorrow! Can I have some everything goes well please?
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lots of vibes for that little cutie!!
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You can definitely have vibes!! Tons of healing & calming for your precious boy Chase!!
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awwww... poor little Chase I hope everything goes well for him *VIBES*
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Lots and lots of vibes for your sweet little boy
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Sending lots of vibes his way!
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Comet had an umbilical hernia when he was a baby too, he is allergic to sutures and we didn't know this, so he didn't heal from the took 4 different sugeries and staples in my poor baby before he finally healed!

I pray that Chase won't have to go through that!!
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Wow - poor little pup - here's some healing vibes for all he's going thru
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going to Chase and you~~~
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Oh bless him, he's having a lot done today! Lots of vibes....

My Radar had an umbilical hernia that was fixed when he was neutered, I don't know if healing is any different for dogs but Radar healed quickly and hasn't had any problems since
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Thanks guys! I can call after 3pm EST and find out how he is and I will update here after 9pm EST when I get home from work...
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He is doing great and I get to pick him up after 12:30 tomorrow
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My Sisters Cat was fixed and had a hernia fixed at the same time almost 6 years ago and was fine. I am gad he is doing good.
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he is home and doing great he looks so funny though!! They fixed his hernia removed 6 baby teeth 4 canines and two something else( I cant remember what they were called) also neutered him and removed his dew claws, he has two blue bandages on his back feet but hes doing great hes running around all over the place like nothing is wrong! Thanks for the vibes everyone!!
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