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Daily Thread TGIF Feb 8th!

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I am so happy its finally the weekend. Today after work I need to go shopping for my neices birthday present..her birthday is tomorrow and she will be 8! We are having her birthday party at the bowling alley, so it should be fun!

Sunday, I have to work at the bike show from 10-5 I am NOT looking forward to it.

Next weekend is a long weekend for us PLUS I am getting a massage with the gift certificate our boss gave us for Christmas. Next weekend is going to be awesome

I have a tickle in my throat..and have for the past few days..I am thinking I need to get some sort of drugs to stave anything off. I normally don't get sick so I don't know what this is about

Have a great day everyone!! YAY FRIDAY!!
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The funny thing is that I don't even realize its Friday until now.

Hopefully today flies by like yesterday did!
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Yooo hooo

I received a text this morning from my nextdoor neighbour asking me to go in for drinks and nachos this evening for his wifes birthday, so i'll be there if only for a couple of hours!!

Saturday were going to spend the day with my youngest brother who isn't well Then after that a relaxing time with my kids
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Yay! I almost survived another week. Just a few more hours to go.

Even after sitting besides my boos and his flu all week, I'm still not sick. I REALLY hope I don't get sick during the weekend

Tonight I have another university conference talk to attend. I know it doesn't sound terribly exciting, but I am a nerd so I love that stuff.
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Happy Friday to everyone too. Tomorrow even though its supposed to be really cold (-45) I will be going to a monster truck show with my boyfriend and his son. Should be interesting. I didn't go last year but will this year. I'll be taking lots of photos .. and I think today I will find some snow sculptures here and take some photos..
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Morning All!

Cloudy windy and very cold here today.

To all you people who get the weekend off I'm jealous I want the weekend off as well

Nothing interesting planned for today, just work, then drop off my library books, have a few things to pick up at the grocery store then home...

The kitties are tearing around getting in to mischief this morning..

Everyone have a good one
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I saw the most beautiful thing this morning when going to pick up the newspaper. The crabapple tree branches were covered with frost and in the very early daylight it looked like the tree was strung with sparkly diamonds!!

Anyhow Ox must be having a bad memory day as he is confused as to if there is food in the dishes (lots of it!!) He keeps on doing his meowing for me to check for him-poor guy his age is showing..

Finished another knitted scarf-thats four so far!! With another started. When they are only seven stitches wide it goes pretty fast.

Have to run to gorcery store for supplies to make some muffins and scones for the car trip down to Madison tomorrow morning along with getting some cash for spending!!

Will either walk outside or treadmill today-the scale is showing some movement-YAY!!!!

Have a good Friday..
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Good morning all! Looks like our storm damaged cell tower is back in working shape, yay! hub let me off this morning, so I've only been up for about thirty minutes or so!

Am going to surf for a bit longer, go work for about thirty on my dollhouse, have a shower, then be at the hair salon at high noon for a much needed perm

Then off the rest of the day, good thing, 'cuz we're doing a Valentine's banquet for a church tomorrow night.

Y'all have a good one!
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Hey all!

Nat, can you believe that even though I work for the government, I don't get the new "Family Day" stat holiday off. Apparently it isn't covered under our collective agreement.

Busy day at work and then I have to head homw and prep a bunch of stuff for Kevin's 3rd b-day party tomorrow. His birthday isn't until Wednesday, but it is easier having the party on the weekend. have to make grab bags and nacho dip.

Hope everyone has a good day.
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Hello Everyone

Today is definitely TGIF!! We are redoing our kitchen cabinets this weekend We get to see whats under all those layers of paint, hopefully its good That'll be fun

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well I was looking forward to this weekend My Uncle and Cousin were suposed to be coming up from toronto to see us. But they can't make it until next weekend.

Jamie my cousin was just recently trades from the Rome Braves (Atlanta's farm team) to the Oakland A's so I probably won't see him until next year somtime since he is traveling to Taiwan to play for Team Canada then back to Arizona for Spring Training and on to Oakland or one of the Farm teams. I havn't seen him since last year, it's hard to stay in touch since he's all over the place.

Other than that I hope to see them Next weekend I'll try to get some pics.
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TGIF!! Spent all day interviewing people at work which always makes me feel . Then I decided to go out to the cafeteria to get away from it all and discovered that they have fish and chips!!! Now I am on and ready for the weekend.
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Morning all! It's sooo awesome to have our internet hooked back up!! We've been without it the past week and a half as we've been moving!

This morning i woke up and started working on our guest list for the wedding. I'm still working on that but i've taken a little bit of a "break" to unpack some more things around the house. I've still got a ton of things left to do- i'm just trying to knock it all out a little at a time!

I'm off work today so i'm going to just spend the rest of the day unpacking the house and working on stuff for the wedding. Nothing too exciting going on around here today
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I'm not up to much today. I have to go grocery shopping later and I have a few other things to pick up. I am also making plans to go look at the college I want to go to and look at some apartments next Thursday.
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I agreed to work 2-9PM....not realizing I have an accounting exam due today. Don't have time to take it before I'll have to race home after work to get it done by midnight. No time to study either. Blast I dug myself a hole on that one!

Taking my foster dog back, got to go for a different one as he's not being nice to Bea.

Then work....sit on my hands at work.
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'ello all! I'm feeling a little better today but I'm still mostly just resting and doing light housework. Right now laundry's going and Charmed is in the DVD player. If I'm feeling up to it, my bf and I are going out to dinner later tonight, then to a get-together after that. Other than that, I'm chilling. Happy TGIF, everyone!!
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
Hey all!Nat, can you believe that even though I work for the government, I don't get the new "Family Day" stat holiday off. Apparently it isn't covered under our collective agreement.
WoW, that is a ripoff Ady
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