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Irish kittens - link to photo album

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Hello all! I am a relative newbie (in all senses - new to the site and new kitten owner). My husband and I took in three semi-ferals a few weeks ago, and I wanted to post some photos of them. Their names are Paddington, Conor and Niamh (named long ago when we first started seeing them - we are now pretty sure Conor is a girl, but the name has stuck!). Niamh is not featured in this album, as she was not available for our photoshoot (read: sleeping under the bed), but there is plenty of Conor and Paddy action!

I would normally post this on my flickr, but having some trouble today - but this is a public facebook album, so it should work a treat.
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Oh my word how cute are they!! Are they all siblings?.

My Jack was semi feral and he's settled into a routine brilliantly Paddy's a curious little thing as well isn't he!
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Yup - they are siblings. They fight and play just like my brother and I used to! It is great having them all - they love to cuddle and play with each other.

There was a fourth one, but he disappeared about a month before we took them in. In fact, that is what prompted us to take them in. I felt so guilty, and I realised I spent a lot of time worrying about them. My husband is a cat lover so he was more than happy to open our door to them. I will have to get a better picture of Niamh. She is a very pretty little tabby - my friends are all in love with her. But, unlike the others, she doesn't really like having her picture taken! Conor and Paddington both just pose and pose for the camera...
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They sound so precious It's a shame the brother took off though because he's missing all the enjoyment of a loving warm home Paddy's a curious little thing isn't he
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They are adorable!
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Awww they are adorable
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So very very sweet! Thanks for taking them in!
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What a bunch of cuties! Love the markings.
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