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Thankful or not?

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My cousin and I were discussing our cats tonight and I was telling her how I get annoyed with my two boys still chewing on my blinds from time to time which leave little teeth marks on them. She was telling me how she is having trouble with her one cat going outside the litter box. <knocking on wood> I will take my little guys chewing on the blinds from time to time (10 months old) over a cat urinating outside the litter box. Other than the day they came home from getting neutered when I caught one of them pooping on the carpet, they have never once urinated or pooped outside the litter box. As much as I get frustrated with the chewing and their wild cat (or still kitten) behavior, I can only stop to think how thankful I am that they use their box each and every time!!!!! I've had a cat in the past who didn't care for the litter box and man talk about ANNOYING and FRUSTRATING! Now I can only hope that the chewing phase will soon subside.
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My Cat that was Pts last month peed on the floor al the time. We tried a kinds of stuff to get him to stop but he never did. He would also do the other sometimes. I do not know if he did it because he was Sick. My Blinds have teeth marks too. My Sisters Cat is real bad she chews everything including plugs. Here is a list od all the things she has done. She has Chewed my Sisters Cable,Internet,Cell Phone Charger,Radio Cord,Clothes, and alot more. The worse part is she is amost 2 and still does it. I am so lucky my Cats do ot do that. The Pee smell from where Yoshi went is gone now. All my other Cats aways use the pan. Even Coco with her Badder Infections has never once out of the Pan.
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I'm hoping these two outgrow the chewing stage by 2 years old, but we'll see. They are so good otherwise, but the chewing drives me insane!
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Ahhh. The blinds problem. Since we have had our kitties, we have had two apartments. Each and every time, without fail, the eldest (Saturday (the evil one)) starts in on pulling the blinds and our youngest and heftier kitty (Friday) "finishes" the job. With our final apartment we have two sets of blind that they like to look out of and I think it is adorable.

It's one of those "battles" that I have given in to. I cut out a small rectangle that they can each get through to peer at the birds and squirrels outside. One kitty in the front and the other at the back.

I wonder, have you checked their gums? We found that once we started brushing their teeth (not as hard as it seemed) the culprit stopped chewing on inappropriate things almost immediately.

As for the peeing, I agree, blinds problem is small in comparison. The only time Friday pees outside her dome is when it is smelly (which isn't often) - she always seems to find my one sewing project to do it on too...
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