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Few more pictures....

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oh she is a gorgeous girl! she looks so happy!
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Just look at that beautiful girl

You know you are going to miss her!
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Just look at that beautiful girl

You know you are going to miss her!
Oh I will.

Go figure, she's finally started to not openly attack the other cats through the doors. Molly loves to be in the room she's in...and now both can be in the same room without massive fights!
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Bea look so regal.

Vibes that her adoption goes though without a hitch.
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FYI - There's a thread in the CL. Bea doesn't go home Tuesday. It'll be a few more weeks.
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Aww, fingers crossed she is fine for the next few weeks then.
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Oh Bea, you are such a beautiful girl
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As long as she's still here, and I swear getting cuter every day ( ) more pics!

Sound asleep & I her nose

Curling up one of those big ol' footsies (And watching me, that part was creepy )

Wide awake, wanting her chin scratched

YOu can kinda see her fur, it's very cute when she sleeps is fluffs out. I can't keep her NOT greasy, though, to save my soul. I've tried combing her out 2x a day for weeks, I've tried bathing her....she's just perpetually greasy?
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Ever such a sweetie!!
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Sweet Bea is a fur machine.
She is such a pretty girl.
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Bless her - sounds like she needs some kind of supplement to help with her fur. One of my bridge babes had greasy fur that matted terribly, a change of diet stopped that.
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