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This is Bea's thread....pics & updates as they come. I can't keep her eyes from glowing in pics, either. She's being kept in a large dog crate. I'm letting her out to roam in bits throughout the day.

Bea meets Dorky

On my bed, showing off that tail! (and the mats, dandruff, & greasy coat...I didn't think she had mats, but I stand corrected!)

It's night, it's dark in my room, but I tried a few pics without flash. This is the best one.

She's moving much better at home than at the shelter. She's also not as annoyed. She wants to jump up on my windowsill something fierce, but won't try....thank goodness!
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Bea is gorgeous!! (must of somehow missed that you got a new cat)
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Bea is gorgeous!! (must of somehow missed that you got a new cat)
I see you saw it.....Bea is my foster, an FYI.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I see you saw it.....Bea is my foster, an FYI.
Yup, sorry.... Not sure what I was thinking....
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Oh Im sure she will calm down soon Nat, under your care. She already looks a "little" more relaxed than she did in her cage.

Look at Dorky

Does she look like Easy to you? She does to me. I wish I could come and get her.
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Bea really is beautiful! and that everything goes smoothly...
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Does she look like Easy to you? She does to me. I wish I could come and get her.
You're more than welcome to come get her! She's hissy about the other cats. But if she's never seen one, that's to be expected.

She'll probably be here long enough to be "fully integrated" provided Ophelia keeps her temper in check.

I fed her wet food tonight, just Friskies junk. Fed Dorky next to her, she hissed a couple of times, but that was it. I have a feeling fostering her will be expensive as she seems to have a taste for wet.
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What a nice looking Cat. I hoep she feels better soon.
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Poor sweetheart at least looks a little more relaxed now. With your TLC, she'll be coming around more, soon. She's such a gorgeous kitty. Once she's more willing to be handled, and you can help her groom, she'll feel so much better.
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Bah I am head over heels in love with Bea. You should move closer to me so I could come get her :P
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Awwww look at the gorgeous little muffin She looks like she's settled in quickly Nat?
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Bea is so beautiful.
Thank you....thank you ......thank you for caring.
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Bea reminds me so much of Stanley. She has such a sweet face. Here's some that you will find a good home for her.
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She really is a gorgeous cat, Natalie, I'm glad she has somewhere to recuperate
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Bea is so pretty Love all her beautiful colors & all that fluffiness
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She's a real beauty, Nat. Glad she's getting the care she needs and deserves with you.
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She is gorgeous!
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Awww Bless her...she reminds me of Easy too Nat she could not be in better hands
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Bless her little heart.
She's so beautiful.
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Poor thing... soo much better to recuperate in a home than in the shelter...

Nat- does your shelter help with food costs, etc. when you take on a foster?
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Yes, they do. But there's no money to afford canned food enough to feed it to her 2x a day. So if she want it I'll have to pay for it.....and so far she's not eating any dry food & wasn't at the shelter.

So far, she hates the other cats, & absolutely hates the dogs.
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Ahh... leave it to a tortie to be stuck up abour food. I bet she hated the shelter more than your animals... if not she'll learn quick I bet.
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It's banana-o-rama!!! Pics first, video once it uploads!

She was using her paws. She even chomped on my hand when I tried to take it away. These are pics from last night & tonight....random ones.

Just chillin

I tossed a feather trying to get her to play & it stuck in her fur

Licking the "damaged goods"

Her eyes

Really liking a good chin scratch!

Banana video uploading....give it time....

Here is the catnip banana video!!

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Oh, such a lovely girl, and she really is looking more relaxed. I don't think I'm looking through rose-coloured glasses -- she does seem to be responding to her new, much more accommodating situation. Thanks for loving her too much to give up, Nat.
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I imagine behind those beautiful eyes Bea has learned to expect trauma and pain.

You are an angel for taking her in and changing that.
Bea has a chance now.
Even with attitude, she is precious.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Good Luck with Bea I continue to pray that she recovers well from her surgery and goes on to a happy life and forgets all the pain she's went through!
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I pinned down her LB issues. She peed down the side of the box. It's a huge, low sided one. She stands weird when she pees.

A trip to Wal Mart for a high sided box is my next step.
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She is one of the most beautiful cats I have seen in a long time. How could anyone be cruel to or abandon such a darling? I do hope her recovery is quick.
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Love the banana video! She really was enjoying it!!!
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She is so beautiful. I read the thread on her re-declaw surgery and couldn't post anything - I was and am so angry that someone would do this (the original botched declaw) to her. You on the other hand are an for taking her in, fostering her and working with her during her recovery.

for Bea.

I love the banana video. If she can play then she's definately doing better.
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