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Sneezing kitty

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Hello, I am actually asking this for a friend. She noticed starting yesterday that one of her 5 cats has started sneezing alot. Nothing coming out or draining but just sneezing. Does anybody recommend anything over the counter for like allergies?

Thanks so much!

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Please do not give over the counter drugs meant for humans to cats unless specifically told to by a vet.

If the cat is sneezing a lot it could be a virus, an URI, or allegies. Really only a vet can tell you what is going on- and if it persists, I would tell your friend to take the cat in to be seen.
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My kitty will sneeze every now and then. Usually he's trying to tell me it's time to vaccuum! Also I give my boys a bath and the sneezing does stop. When I mean bath I mean wiping them down with a baby wipe specially designed for pets, you can find them at your local petstore.

If the sneeze has a discolored discharge that's when you need to take your kitty to the vet. That's what I've been told anyways. If the discharge is clear, what I've been told, it's mostly alergies. But the vaccumming and the bath does help my kitties.

Best of luck!
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And def do NOT feed anything over the counter to the kitty. The medications that are over the counter are a danger to a cat. If the owner of the kitty has a concern he/she should contact the Vet for further information and assistance.

best of luck again!
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Is it possible that the cat go into a really dirty or dusty area?
Or did their owner recently switch kitty litters? Perhaps to one that's a bit to dusty for the cats?

Other then those questions, check up with the vet if the sneezing has still persisted.
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I'd definitely say to take the cat to the vet, it could be anything.

My cat was sneezing around Xmas, I just put it down to a mild URI that she'd get over. She didn't get over it, after 2 months of trips to & from the vet, she's been diagnosed with bone cancer in the nose & needs $6,000.00 worth of treatment which "may" extend her life. So, lesson learned....never brush off something as mild, ALWAYS take your cat to a vet.

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