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Eli Stone

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Anyone watch this new series?

It's about a lawyer who has an inoperable brain aneurysm that causes him to have visual and auditory hallucinations of all things "George Michael"

It's "a Field of Dreams-type drama set in a law firm where a thirty-something attorney begins having larger-than-life visions that compel him to do out-of-the-ordinary things."

The music he hears are all George Michael songs and each episode is named after a George Michael song. George Michael also appears in several of the episodes.

It's hysterical. Fun and quirky, and it's nice to see Victor Garbar in a semi-comedy role as Eli's boss. In tonights episode he actually sang "Freedom"! LOL

If you haven't tuned in, try it.
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It looked interesting, thanks for letting us know it's good! I think I'll add it to my record list.
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