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Chase and his Passi*cuteness warning*

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Dh and I were in our computer room tonight with the dogs and heard chase playing with something I looked down in time to see the cutest thing Id ever saw...and I had my camera out so I thought Id take a few pictures and share with you guys!

He was so cute running around with it and chassing it everywhere...he even got mad when we took it away from him...
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Awww, that is adorable!!
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Awwww!! Love it!!
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Now this needs a cuteness warning! Too adorable

edit: OOPS looks like it does have a warning Had to look at this again this morning - still too cute
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Oh my goodness, how sweet is that, awwwww
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AWWWWW what a cutie ... GIgi had one when i first got her ...
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Oh my goodness!!!! What on earth?! Silly silly dog!!!!
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Now that is just toooo funny! I gotta get one of those for my cats. It's been a long long time since I had one of those around the house!
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Lol...don't know what I would do if one of my dogs walked up with one of those sticking out of it's mouth!!!Hahahahahaha!!! cute!!!
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OMG how precious is that
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I'd watermark those pictures, if I were you. Someone is going to steal them, and you might find them either as greeting cards, or fun cards like they have on MYSpace. Believe me those pix are too cute for someone to get the credit or get paid for taking them.
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Wow, those are TOO CUTE!!
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What sweet dogs you have! Love the litte pacifier! Glad you got a photo of that!
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