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She bit me!!!!!

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Earlier today I was in my room crying over some stress stuff. And I had my head in my hands when Skye jumps onto the bed with me. She has a very concerned look on her face. She bats my hand away and I immediately put it back. She then proceeds to lunge at me and sink her teeth into my hand and yank my hand away. She hasn't bitten me that hard in a long time. I dunno why she felt the need to do that. Usually she is very comforting. Just thought I'd share this very odd moment..
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Maybe not being able to see your face disturbs her. Fred hated me having my hands in my face, and would stick his nose under one and slobber on it until I had no choice but to move it.
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Angel bites me whenever I'm not paying attention to her... little spoiled brat!
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When I went into my room, Hobbit used to always follow and he'd go onto my bed, Hobbit jumped up onto my 'high up' bed and idk why but he'd always try and grab out at me through the bars I knew he wanted me to play but idk why he always jumped up onto my bed to play.. and I usually play with him. If i had my hand covered with my sleeve he would claw at it and bite it.. but if it wasn't he prob wouldn't touch me... he's weird like that
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Blossom grabs & bites if we touch her while she's on her tree. She gets that playful look on her face & I'm always tempted to give her a pat, but then I remember what she'll do.
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