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My Cat Dusty

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I know it has been awhile since my last post. However, I needed to wait it out. It's been a bumpy road. But, finally, Dusty is pooping in the litter box. Hurray!! What finally worked was a combination of tactics. I have the paper plates on the floor in the kitchen with treats in them where she had pooped. Well, I went up to five plates. Then, I decided to just put more down (total 9). In addition, I used the Nature's Miracle spray. And I placed 3 of them in my living room where she also pooped. The plates are still there. I want to take them away gradually. (It is a good thing I have a small kitchen)
She did not like the newspaper litter. I always keep two litter boxes out for her. (none are in the kitchen) She likes Fresh step.
This has been a real experience for me, since I adopted a twelve years old cat who's owner passed away.
She is a real sweetheart, (I call her BABY) she loves to play and greets me at the door when I come home from work. She licks my hair, and face. (why my hair, I have no clue) I know it's a sign of affection, and I I kiss her back.
I think that the real problem with her was getting adjusted to the big change in her life. (It took about 8 weeks) I had no idea how to introduce a cat into my world. But, I finally got it!! Thanks, to all of you.
Now, if I can just get her to sit on my lap when she wants me to pet her. Believe me, I can wait for that.
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Congratulations! That must be a real relief for you, and it's great to hear how affectionate she is with you. I think the cats believe our hair is our "fur" - our cat loves to lick mine in the morning. She may or may not be a "lap cat" - that seems to be a matter of personal preference. I hope her litter box habits continue to improve as she settles in.
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What great news! I am so glad to hear how well things are working out.
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congrats on your potty training!
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