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Stop eating the rose!

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Today is Chinese New Year and my DH brought me rose from the university. I put it in a vase, admired it, set it on our dining table and not 5 minutes later Saturday (the evil one) is up on the table trying frantically to eat the rose. In the process she broke my one vase (she broke all of the others (6)) by toppling it onto the hardwood floor, spilling water everywhere, all the while managing to break the stem of the rose in was quite a site.

How do I get her to stop doing this - top trying to eat the rose - and any other plants I try to have in the house - and stop breaking tall glasses (we've recently opted for short, cheap plastic glasses)?
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Your kitty must have gotten advice from Charlie. He demolished the roses DH got me a few months ago. And tipped over the vase and spilled the water on the table and the chair and floor. We found the rose on the floor with all the petals off - I'm not sure if he really ate any or just kinda chewed them apart.

All I know is that I really cannot have live flowers in the house. He leaves the carnations alone somewhat, so they are safe for a few days.
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Lilly is also a rose eater. She doesn't care for other flowers I have seems only roses.

I have to admit that when I was young (7-8 years old) I remember I would wonder through the neighborhood eating the roses off the bushes. I would pull all the petals off and eat the yellow base of the petals. My Mom used to get complaints from the neighbors. Fortunately that was many, many years ago and there were not all the toxic pesticides that there are now.
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I don't have any advice on how you would get her to stop eating plants and flowers, but I wanted to mention (in case you or anyone reading this thread are unaware) that many are toxic to cats. You can find a lengthy list here.
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Repeating a bit of what the previous poster said...

Many flowers/plants are toxic to cats. I buy flowers for my desk at work rather than have flowers at home, so that my cats aren't tempted.

PS. What does the abbreviation "DH" stand for? I'm pretty sure the second part is "Husband"...
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I have flower eaters as well. I just keep the flowers in the same room as me-that way I can enjoy them as well as protect them! As far as the vases go, you could probably ask for plastic vases at the florist. I have a couple and they are still really pretty. That way if they get pushed off something and land on the hardwood floors they won't break.
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yep, DH means "dear husband"
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Thank you for the link about toxic plants and kitties. I am going to give it a thorough looking over in a moment! DH = Dear Husband...sorry, it's kind of a habit I picked up from a different forum.

I'll try to find a pretty plastic vase for the flowers - I guess I was so mad because it isn't often I get them.

I wonder if it would be ok if I were to rinse the roses before putting them in a vase?
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I have had several cats that would attack roses like they were prey, but not eat them.
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