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DOUBLE trouble....need prayers!!

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Ok, this is really crazy but happening all around me.

My neice (my sister, Carol's daughter) has a son (Tommie) who is 17 yrs old.
He had been complaining of a pain in his groin area.
She took him to the dr after about a week, thinking it was a strain or whatever.
He went to the dr. wed morning.
Wed. afternoon he had emergency surgery.
He has testicular cancer!
They removed 1 testical and are waiting on biopsy reports to know which of 2 cancers it is.
Along with testing his lymph nodes, liver, kidney's, etc.
Carol flew in from Las Vegas back home here in Indiana this morning.
They discharged him so he is back home, but still waiting on results.
That whole part of the family is devastated and they rest of us are extremely worried.

My son's girlfriend (Danielle), her uncle's child is 8 yrs old.
He had an asthma attack and was deprived of oxygen too long and is 'brain-dead'!!!
Danielle's mom is bringing in a "Healer" who has supposedly healed other brain dead children. (very skeptical here, but understand the need to try Everything)
So this healer is supposed to be there at 5:30.
Then they are facing pulling life support because his chances are less than 2% of recovering.

I don't know which is worse!
They are both life altering for families.

Please, PLEASE, please, include them in your prayers!!

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Shivers! Thats awful on both cases!

Major vibes heading both their ways.

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Prayers from me and from me and the boys for both of these families.
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Your family is in my thoughts & prayers!
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Sending lots of vibes!
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oh my gosh!! I'm so sorry your family is going thru all this lots of vibes for that little boy and your great-nephew
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Oh my gosh, how awful for both of those families I am sending many vibes and prayers for them
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Lots of love and healing vibes for both families. What horrible things for such young ones.
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You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Hope things work out for the best.
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Unlimited For your family. They are in our thoughts during this very difficult time
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
donĀ“t give up...
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I am so sorry for all of your families! Both boys are in my prayers!
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How sad...actually testicular cancer is very common in that age range, have they heard any results yet? I hope the Healer works on the little boy. These are both such tragic stories many prayers for a miracle
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That is too much going on for you. Many prayers and vibes for both of these children and their families.
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Prayers headed there way!
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No lab results yet for my great nephew
but the healer didn't have any effect on the little boy.
His name is Andrew.
They were going to pull him off life support today.
Not sure if it is done yet but
I've never met the boy, but this is just Tragic!!!!!!!!
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RIP, Andrew. Your great-nephew is in my thoughts, Patty. that the cancer was caught in time for a full recovery.
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Here is his obituary!
So SAD!!

2nd page of obits.....Andrew Smith
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Oh that poor boy. It is so not fair.

My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.
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Oh Bless him
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That's so tragic. I hate it when a young child dies.
How is your great-nephew?
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How awful!

Many prayers and vibes for them
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I am so sorry to hear about the trials your family is dealing with. You are in my thoughts and prayers. My family was hit with tragedies all last year and in January so I know how you feel. Last year my cousin and his wifes 6 month-old son died of a fatal birth defect, a great uncle that I was very close to died. In January my grandma (who I have lived with since I was 9 months old) died due to complications of Alzheimer's, my cousin's wife (the same one who lost their 6 month old son last year) had a miscarriage and the leader of my church died. It has been a very difficult year so far for my family too. I understand the comfort and strength prayers from others give. I hope all goes well with your family and you will be comforted.
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