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When it rains it pours

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I'm feeling kind of low today.

Work sucked. I made a bad mistake a few weeks ago, and it ended up costing the company about $600-700, in addition to making two of our clients angry. My boss was not happy about that.

All week, my boss has had the flu but came into work every day anyways and I'm really annoyed about that. I really hope I don't end up sick all weekend!

Kinah's diarrhea keeps getting worst. I'll have to go to the vet and buy some prescription food.

I have to find a way to release the little vole that someone brought to me (thinking it was a lost pet) and I keep worrying that it will just end up dying after I release it. I'm also worried that before I can go release it, it might manage to chew through its cage, which would mean the cats would get it.

And to top it all off, I just got a letter today from my university. I had applied for some government funding and the way it works is that the university has a committee to choose the best applications, and then sends those to the government committee, which cuts the list further.
Well, the letter I got today said that I didn't even make it past the University committee. I feel like such a failure. And I was really hoping to get that funding.
There's still the provincial funding left, but if I can't even make it past the first step for the federal funding, I think my chances are pretty slim.

I'm supposed to go out tonight to a conference at the university. I guess I'll still go, but if anything else goes wrong today, I'm gonna go nuts.
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I'm sorry you're feeling down, Marie. Seems everything happens at once, doesn't it. I hope your conference tonight is a good event and gives you a lift.
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oops... did I actually post this in the IMO section?
Boy, this really isn't my day.
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Are things looking up today?
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I hope you feel Better
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I hope you're feeling better today!
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Hope today's a better day and you're feeling a little brighter.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Are things looking up today?
Yes, I am feeling better today. I am a little exhausted, but that's normal for a Friday.
Today at work was better. I'll go tomorrow to release that vole back into the wild and I still don't have the flu.
As for the funding, well, not much I can do. That funding is very difficult to get, so I shouldn't be too hard on myself. At least I did get accepted in grad school and I'll find a way to pay for it.
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That does sound better. Good!
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