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I just got a job! My first FULL TIME job!! With benefits! I emailed my resume, they called me 2 days later, I interviewed yesterday and they just called me today to tell me I am hired! I am a Cat Care Employee and Adoption Counselor at Rescue Village!! Here is their website!

I am SO excited!!
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When do you start?
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Congratulations! That is fantastic news!
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When do you start?
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that's wonderful it looks like a very nice place. I hope it's a great place to work!
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Congrats to you! I hope you love it!!!
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Thanks guys! I am taging along with the volunteer training on Sat morning. But then I start Tuesday. I guess its Tues thru Sat at first and then it changes to Sun thru Thurs (which are my preferred hours!).
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Congrats! I'm still waiting for the place I applied at to call back even after I called and left a message.
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Well Done!!!! Congrats it sounds like a fantastic job....
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Congratulations on getting a cool job..
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Congratulations on your new job!! Hope everything goes wonderfully
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Oh Jen that is fantastic news!! That is so much better than you were even hoping for. AND to have benefits. Congratulations to you!!
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You guys are the BEST you know that??? THANKS!!!
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Congratulations. I hope you enjoy it.
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What great news - looks like a great place!

Good luck getting settled in.
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Oh Jen how wonderful! Do you know how jealous I am! Get me in there someday! I would love it! CONGRATS!!
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