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Cat Problems

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I currently have two cats
First problem
This might be normal but i was just wondering if all cats were like that, Since i have 2 cats and they are so different. And ive never had cats before.

Beige One -
It meows all the time 24/7, it has about 8 different kind of meows, One sounds like a bird, One sounds pretty loud like a cow,( i believe thats when shes in heat) Ones like a pigeon when we pick her up, drop her on the floor or she enters or leaves a room, Ones lik e 4 seconds of like MAH MAH very loud, Thats usually in the kitchen, Theres a long Mah of about 20 seconds, literally, She has a lot of different meows, I dont think this is kinda normal? but i was wondering if anyone knew about that or what the different meows meant or if youve ever seen a cat meowl so much. If this helps this cat also has 6 toes in the back, and her right leg is her left. her left is her right, also in the front one has 6 toes the other has 5, Theres also, a cat litter box with litter in it, but thats the box we refil the kittie littie with they dont "go to the bathroom" in their litter box they go on top of the fridge where the huge box of litter is and do their business in there.. ...

Black cat -
My black cat thinks hes a dog, He`ll chase his tail al lthe time, ive never seen a cat do that, And also, Before bed, It licks your face about an hour.
And it cuddles you, cuts his paw around your waste, Its kinda like a dog, thats probably more normal

This might sound ridiculous but ive looked everywhere and couldnt find anything thanx for the help
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If this ISn't spam, could you please explain the business about the right and left legs being each other? Thanks!
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Someone exlpain to me previously howit was a disorder..
Her legs are backwards
Her right leg is where her left is supposed to be.. same with her left
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The extra toes on your girl's feet make her a polydactyl. That would have nothing to do with her meowling, but thought you might like to know. If she isn't fixed, that could explain some of the meowling. Some cats are simply more vocal than others, and it seems she has a lot to say!

I've seen cats chase their tails. It isn't completely common, but not abnormal either. I've had a number of cats who love to groom me - their way of bonding with their friends.
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