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Fat ex-stray - possibly had kittens - best diet?

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Okay, hopefully I can get my cat worn out which should help somewhat... But I definitely think she needs dieting too!

I've had a nose at previous posts in the H&N section but can't find anyone in the same situation.

Basically, we took in a stray few months ago. She was pretty big... We actually thought she was pregnant! But nope... She's just fat. I've named her Sumo

Obviously, being a stray, her diet was likely terrible... Judging by the amount of mice she catches, I think she may have been surviving on them! We do get a few round here. And I know our neighbours weren't welcoming her so she probably wasn't being fed human food or pet food.

We recall seeing her around last summer - but we had another cat who wasn't having any of it. At the time, Sumo was pretty average sized. Certainly nothing to worry about, or even pregnant looking... lol

We do think she might have had kittens though - would this contribute to her still being a bit on the podgy side? If so, what's the best way to lose her "kitten fat"?

She doesn't eat an exceptional amount, no more than our previous cats. And we don't feed her treats. She also doesn't go out too much, so we don't think she's eating elsewhere. So she's not putting on weight - she's just not losing it.

Although it's quite amusing seeing her belly go from side to side when she goes quicker than walking, it can't be healthy for her!

What's the best course of action? I've seen wet vs dry debates on here... She's on wet.

We're getting her checked out at the vets as soon as we can (yep, money) which should hopefully be end of the month. I'm just fater some advice about what we can do in the mean time.

She's about 2 years old, according to the vet's initial freebie analysis!


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keep her on the wet ..oz for oz wet has less calories and is higher in fat and protein
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She's beautiful! I can tell you from experience that you need to get it under control. I had a sweetheart of a cat that loved to eat. Seeing as I loved her too pieces, I fed her ALL the time! She would cry and cry, and I would give in and give her something (usually, tuna). She was overweight, but I thought it was cute, and she enjoyed her food so much, I didn't want to deprieve her. She died at the age of 10. We did not do an autopsy, but we suspect a heart attack. We just found her dead one morning. I will always feels so guilty for her death, and I miss her every day. It's hard to get the weight off of them, but be sure to ask your vet what he suggests, because I think it's really important. I have two kittens now, and I am being very careful about feeding them right. Good luck!
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