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balcony enclosures?

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The new apartment that we will be moving to is a 2nd floor apartment with a balcony. Does anyone let their cats out onto the balcony? Our cats are indoor only, but I would worry about them jumping or falling off, anyone have balcony enclosures?
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I'm on the third floor of my apartment building. I used to let my cat out onto the balcony when I was there...until she fell off. Luckily I had her on a hardness at the time, so all she got was a big scare. She was just trying to get on the very edge of the balcony (as cats like to do) and she misplaced her back paw and fell off.

Anyways, if going outside with your cat on a harness is a possibility you can try that. Other then that I haven't found any solutions, so I just keep my cat inside now.

On the other hand, a friend of mine lives on the 2nd floor of her building and lets her cat go on the balcony whenever she wants, so I guess it kinda depends on the cat too...
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We live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building and I never let them go out unless they have their harness and leash on. I would think they would see something, like a bird, and want to chase it, and fall off the balcony and be seriously hurt.
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If you want them outside on the balcony try
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I let my cat out supervised, I have lattice around the bottom of the balcony though so there is no chance they can accidentally get to close, stick their heads through or roll off. My cats are older, I don't think I'd let kittens out, even cats are pretty docile......
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I live 2nd floor and used to let my cats out on the balcony all the time now they only get out when Momma's home to supervise. I'm too scared they'll wanna climb the tree down (that just happens to be right next to my balcony) and come look for me. They hate being without Momma.
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I had a second level deck at my last place, and my cats LOVED going out on it; they never tried to jump off...they just went out and enjoyed being out in the fresh air.
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We used to live in a 2nd story apartment for years and we enclosed ours with a see thru mesh/screen type material we got from the harware store. We stapled the holy heck out of it on all sides and it was soo strong and held up so good that when we moved, it took the strength of 3 grown men to pull it down!! Our kitties LOVED being outside when we were home to supervise, and to this day now that we have moved into a house they will still sit by the back door sometimes and look at us wishing they could be out on our old balcony. They would lay out there for hours in the sun on their cat trees and a ramp we made for Squeeker (since he has seizures and is a little brain damaged) and have a blast!!! Just make sure you check with your apartment to make sure it is ok to enclose it-ours was not legal, but they never said anything so we left it up-looking back on it-it was a definite fire hazard for us since there were only 2 ways out of the apartment-the front door and the balcony!!!
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Our back balcony, which is three storeys up, is secured with telescopic rods and a "cat net", similar to fishing nets:
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If you are not allowed to build onto your balcony, perhaps you could try something from Kittywalk? It is a bit spendy for my budget but its portable so no one could say much
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I've seen some people use chicken wire and boards to build a portable balcony enclosure, and somebody else use an overturned "portable" street hockey goal (metal tubing and netting).
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Yes, I've successfully confined my cats to allow them to enjoy the balcony and keep the litter boxes outside for over 14 years.

Now, my latest apt. complex management team is complaining about that chicken wire, asking me to take it down! I will be contacting their corporate office to fight this -- after 14 years, to complain now is just ridiculous!
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