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i adopted my first cat last month. i was given a little kit that included a small bag of iams original. i figured i'd keep him on the same food, so i bought a large bag of it. i went to the petstore to get a hairball remedy and the woman said i should switch to a better dry food. is iams bad? she gave me a sample of innova dry food. she said a better food will help my cat's coat and slow down the shedding.
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Iams is generally not considered high quality. Most grocery store foods aren't high quality at all. Innova is a good food. Premium food.

Not only should it improve your kitties coat, but also less waste comes out because they process more of the food. They don't need to eat as much, either, because there aren't so many fillers.
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Iams is a GROCERY food ... as such it has lots of CORN( the hardest to digest of grains), chicken / poultry by products ( can be heads ,feet, intestines ,blood vessels)

Most premiums have little to no corn ( some use corn gluten which = protein and is reasonabley digestable and helps with UTI health)... they also DONT have by products some have named organ meats ie chicken liver
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Innova is an amazing food! Everything mentioned above, plus from a holistic perspective, it has more of the right nutrients to keep your cat healthy and strong... what that equates to is better quality of life, less illness, and a longer life.
Even though a super premium is more expensive per pound, you feed alot less, plus most super premiums only cost you 25-30 cents a day to feed.
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....boy junk!! o no! i had no idea. oops! well, i've been very on top of everything else...clipping, grooming, medicating. i can forgive this and switch foods right away. i will go for innova. thanks a lot is the chicken soup for the pet lover's soul food good?
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Chicken Soup is also a good food, yes.
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yes chicken soup is a good food
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Just remember to switch your kitty over a period of 10 days to 2 weeks to the new food, i.e., adding new to the current and gradually increasing the amount of new food, so your kitty does not get diarrhea.

I would also suggest adding a good wet food to the diet as a wet diet is a healthy diet for your cat.
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