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New home for my beloved

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I have a beautiful 2 year old male siamese cat, Aspen, who desperately needs a new loving home. I am expecting twins very soon, and my husband works very long hours. He has always had other cats around (various strays I have fostered), but, now that he is by himself, he is obviously very lonely. He deserves the best home in the world. Sorry I don't have a picture. He is long-haired, loves attention, not a big fan of small children, though. PLEASE HELP!!!
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Hunny, Here's some information for you:

The Kansas Center is composed of a network of foster homes in the midwest. The main center is located near Topeka, Kansas.
Siamese Cat Rescue of Kansas
212 E. Main Street
Meriden, KS 66512
(785) 484-0457
(785) 484-0459
E-Mail: KSsrc@siameserescue.org

Region: KS

I also have Siamese Cats who are cautious when children move quickly. However, I would have no fear of keeping a baby here. I hope it will be possible for you to keep Aspen. When I have a house full of children, my cats just hide until they're gone, but when there's one quiet child, they both come around to meet the child. My prayer is that you will find a way to keep him and get him a little kitten friend.

I assume this is your first baby. (babies!) I had four, and have always kept cats. Taking great care if you have to change the litter is the most important thing I can advise. Having an electric Litter Maid would save you loads of work, also. (Get the BIG one) Other than that, is there a fear that the cat will harm the baby? I have never experienced that or even a cat getting into a crib. I don't know your exact fear, but I hope all works out well. Keep in touch with us, please, and let us know about your twins too! God bless.
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Hi Hunny, my mother became mommy to me and a Siamese cat around the same time I was raised with the cat from age 0 to 19! I have fond memories of growing up with Tika in the house, and perhaps it is why I am a cat lover today. I realize it's extra work, but aren't cats worth it?! Maybe Aspen would enjoy a friend so that he will have company when you're chasing the twins!
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I also hope you will be able to keep Aspen.
I myself am a mom.
If your worried about the cat being spooked by sudden movements from the child. Then you have a long way to go before you reach that stage.
An infant does nothing but sit, and maybe wiggle a little and cry. And I garuntee you for the first few months you will be spending at LEAST 18 hours out of ever day with this child in your arms. So I wouldn't worry about Aspen getting spooked by some baby running after him, lol.

I think growing up with animals from a very young age is a great experience for a child.
Unless your cat has a behavorial issue, then cats are perfectly happy being semi solitary animals. One good petting session a day, and their meals coming from you can keep your average cat perfectly happy.
And you have to remember it won't be like this forever. And you might be surprised how much time you will actually still have for your cat after you child is born.
I mean there are many of us who have many animals and children at the same time.
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