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I hope they don't have to take his eyes out!!

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Well, I finally took Spartakiss into the vets yesterday to get his eyes looked at. He was such a good kitty. Even though the vet was hurting him, he didn't hiss or anything. The vet put some anesthetic in his eyes and looked at them. He thinks there's something more serious going on then 'his eyes just being like that', like the person who gave him to me said.
He told me that there are tons of things that could be doing this, and he's a little stumped about it. He's going to talk to an Optometrist. He said it could be ingrown eyelashes, an ulcer somewhere, rhinotracheitis, or we might never find out what's going on. He wants to put him under so that he can take a good look at his eyes though. His eyelids are all inflamed and red and his third eyelid is out very far.
The vet said that his vision is very compromised and that his eyes are causing him quite a bit of pain. He doesn't want to perscribe anything just in case it might make it worse, so he's going to talk to this optometrist guy first. The vet did say though that it might be something that might require his eyes to be removed!! Can a cat live properly without any eyes???
Since its not life threatening, the vet told me to take my time and save up the money so that we can run a bunch of tests. I'm a little worried though.
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Yes, they can live with their eyes taken out. If his sight is already compromised, he will likely make the adjustment fine. My Damita is blind & you wouldn't even know.

it's something simple
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Sarahp's little Smudge has to have eye surgery - her lashes were growing inward and it must have been terribly painful for her. Sarah and Andrew happily paid to have the surgery and Smudge is one happy kitty and so lovable. I admit I'm very much smitten with her.

I hope your kitty has nothing more serious than something that can be fixed just like little Smudge. Prayers and good vibes coming at ya!
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that your cat has something easily treatable.
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Poor sweet baby.
More vibes that this is something treatable.
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Thank you. I hope its something simple like rhinotracheitis or something. The vet did say to expect other things to go wrong in the future since his genetics are obviously not the best. He had a case similar to Sparts a while ago and the cat ended up passing away from heart problems later in life. I don't really care though. He's a great cat and I love him, even if he is a little weird looking.
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Sending lots of vibes his way!
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