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How Many Inches of Snow do You Have?!

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We've got 13.5 inches in our yard right now!!!!!! I'm getting so tired of snow. It took me an hour to drive 25 miles to school today! That's INSANE!!!!
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5"....and none is new since Monday.
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In the last 24 hours we got about 2 feet. It really sucks!
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
In the last 24 hours we got about 2 feet. It really sucks!
TWO FEET!!!! Oh my goodness.....see that's why I started this thread. So I could feel better about my situation
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We haven't had any in years, and probably won't
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post

We haven't had any in years, and probably won't
You don't have any in Virginia!!!! I'm surprized by that! It gets pretty chilly there!!!
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Snow? What's snow? I'm in sunny California! It's supposed to get up to 60 where I am

Edit: Nat - Stumpy said she'd prefer to have her date with Dorky here rather than cold cold Minnesota
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I'm not sure how much we have outside but its probably about 2-3 feet. We got about another 13" last week, so after that, I stopped keeping track
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Dorky's fine with that....although Stumpy might like to watch the flakes fall by candlelight.
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None, all we have right now is mud. I'd take the snow over the mud any day though.
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I live Northwest of Toronto and we got about 2 feet. Lots of cars stuck in their driveways this morning and a few in the snow banks on the way to work - lots of fun driving. Yesterday I had to take 3 runs at a hill before I managed to get to the top. My car was sliding backwards down the hill while I was sitting there with the brake on - a little scary to say the least. Told hubby that next winter I will have snow tires and not all seasons on my car. Apparently the snow tire rubber stays softer at low temperatures (all seasons get hard at around 7 degrees above zero), hence the better grip. The folks on the radio this morning were saying that all seasons should only be used in winter in some US states - that they are not suitable for Canada or US states that receive snowfall.

But our snow crews here in Canada are amazing folks. They started clearing shortly after midnight/or wee morning hours so this morning's commute to work wasn't as bad as it could be and most, if not all, major routes are cleared, sanded/salted and good to go.
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Today we have gotten about 20 cm that is of course on top of the 30 cm we got last weekend and the 3 feet we had fall earlier in January.... The dow went outside this morning and disapeared into a snow bank
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
In the last 24 hours we got about 2 feet. It really sucks!
Same for us It took me 15 minutes to shovel out my car!
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I have a snow day today and we have about 10" of NEW snow........I lost track at how much we actually have.
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None. We did have a light dusting a couple weeks ago, and everyone was disappointed it wasn't more. Any snow we get here pretty much shuts everything down. A few years ago we got less than an inch of snow and it paralyzed the roads. People were in their cars all night! Over an inch of snow! Unreal.

I grew up in the snow belt, lake effect snow, so I know what y'all are talking about.
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We got about 12 inches of snow yesterday afternoon and last night. This was on top of about 8 inches we had earlier in the week. I'm sick to death of snow. I can't wait for spring!!!
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We don't get any snow here in Winter. Have to go out a couple of hours further into the mountains.
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we broke a all time snow season record of 122inches early in the week
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0" but i must say the 80* for the wedding day was awesome!
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thankfully ours has melted

I am so ready for spring!!!
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Lots...and we are supposed to get more. It took two of us about 25 minutes to get the car cleaned off this morning. There was a ton of snow and ice on it.
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no snow here (at least not anymore--see my previous thread "snow in the south") In fact I wore capri's and a short sleeved shirt yesterday! My out side thermometer read 90F yesterday! I wish I could come visit all of your snow though!!
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We drive to the snow here that is in the Sierras. Going skiing tomorrow. Our grass is green and it was 55F yesterday.
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SNOW????? 13.5 inches!!!OMG!!! never ever, today in Texas, was 60, wind was really cutting, and tonight it is probably in the 30's close to 40's! But day before yesterday, it was 80's! Everybody stays sick from this crazy weather!
I hate it! but I really can't imagine dealing with that much snow! only if we could keep electricity, and I had a four wheel drive, our area would literally
shut down! no one would leave their house, no school! panic sets in here!!!
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None. It has been like this most of the winter and when there is snow, it's just enough to make cycling inconvenient but not enough to be pretty.
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Well we had a warm up last week so a bunch melted and with the blowing wind I'm not quite sure how much is actually on the ground. But for the winter season so far we have gotten 57 inches. And February/March are the more snowy months so of course much more to come!! The driveway is clear of snow again but that doesn't last too long.

We completely missed all that snow that southern Wisconsin got though.
The ski hills/trails and snowmobilers are very happy this year however!!
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This is bizarre - I watched the news and it seems like everyone in Canada and the US is getting heaps of snow...except for us! It's a little cloudy here but we've just had cool with sun or cloud and rain. I'm not complainin'
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How do all of you in Canada survive!!!?!!! I HATE snow and Iowa is no where near as bad as you guys in Canada get it!!!! Geezzzz............
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I WISH we had some snow!!!
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Oh Im so sick of snow! Its a pain in the butt! Right now we probably have at least a couple feet in the back yard, and thats after some of it melted!! Im lucky though, my gpa's buissness has a plow truck, so when my DH is gone (almost always) someone comes at the butt crack of dawn and plows my driveway to make sure I can get out and get what is needed for the kids, and Angel to school and stuff! It rocks! I can't wait for spring though... Angel kept saying this summer that she wished it would snow! Now she keeps wishing for spring and I keep picking on her about the fact its all her fault we got snow in the first place!!
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