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in memory of a feral cat

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yesterday a 6 mount cat was hit by a car a died. this cat was very special to me. its was not one of my cat colony a friend who lives near was taking care of her and i used to visit this cat a lot. don't know why but i loved this cat a lot. she had a face like a perfect drowing, she was always happy and purring. in the last days this cat was in hit and male cats run after her to mate thats why we think she run to the road and a car hit her. my friend wanted to neuter her in the next day and now she blames herself for her death.
i feel very sad about the cat. her name was Poupée (doll in french)
don't know why god took her from us.

Poupée a doll in heaven now

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace little one.
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It is so hard to lose them. I too lost one this way. I know
she had comfort, peace and quiet for her last breaths and
shelter that I had put out for the colony. I buried her body
on my BFs farmland, where she'll be able to happily hunt
and her ghost will roam the wild fields, safe from cars
and all manner of human bred ills...

Bless you for your care, I will say a prayer for you..
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I'm sorry to hear that. It hurts to lose them that way. At least she knew human kindness for a brief time.
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I understand completely. I just lost my precious Kissy cat to the road on Monday, February 4, 2008. He was 1 1/2 years old and his mother was a feral. He was rescued from a wood pile and was being fed by bottle. His human rescuer couldn't keep up with the feedings and I had a former feral in the barn who was nursing. They drove almost 100 miles to bring Kissy to me. I fed him and cleaned him up and put him in with Buddie. I fed him the next day and then when I checked on him again, Buddie was nursing him and loving him as much as I did! I am just devestated - he was fixed and never went to the road. That's the worst thing about them being outside - they don't have much of a chance to grow old. I have 6 seniors in my house and couldn't bring the barn kitties inside. I now have 6 in the barn - and everyone is fixed! My seniors are pretty old - Spot is 20 and Kitty, Bugsy and Dusty are 19. The other 2 are 15 and 14. I know my heart is going to be broken many more times - but they have all known love and the barn kitties have a warm place and probably way too much food! I am known as the "crazy old cat lady" and I am proud of the name! I also feed and love 5 former ferals in another town that I help take care of and give love to. I guess it takes special people to do what we do! Just know that he knew he was loved!
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