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Very sad news

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I just read on CNN that Mr. Rogers (of the TV show) died today of stomach cancer. He was 74.

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Today is not a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The world can scarcely afford to lose such people in times like these.
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Oh No--- he was such a delightful man. This world needs more Mr. Rogers, not less of them... It is a sad day in this neighborhood.
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Very sad day indeed. I loved his show, he was such a kind and gentle man.
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thats sad
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It saddens me to know that we have lost Mr. Rogers. He was such a gentle, good man. My children grew up with his assurance that they were special, just the way they were. We will miss him.

My son, Mr. Macho was lifting weights one evening, and I happened to run across Mr. Roger's program. I had noticed that Lady Elaine Fairchild (the puppet at the Museum-go-round) didn't seem to be on the program. When Mr. Macho came upstairs, I said, "I think they've fired Lady Elaine Fairchild!" And worse yet, his face dropped. "They can't do that, can they?" No one was too old for Mr. Rogers. God bless you, Mr. Rogers. We liked you--just the way you were.
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I'm not sure how old Mr. Rogers was, and I was really surprised when I heard about this at work today. I agree that this is sad news.
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He was 74. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer right around Christmas. Because he was born and raised in nearby Latrobe and filmed Mr. Roger's neighborhood in Pittsburgh, his death has hit us very hard. Did you know he was a Presbyterian minister?
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There is already a thread about this in the lounge, perhaps you could merge the two?
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Jeanie, I knew he was a minister, and wasn't he a psychologist also?
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He will be missed.

When I was young, I would sit there watching Mr Rogers for hours. It was wholesome TV, and I didn't enjoy all the violence in my brother's choices (Power Rangers, etc). We didn't have cable so my mom would get the neighbour to tape it for me when her kids watched it. Mr Rogers made me feel special and it was comforting to feel that. I'm very sad that he passed, but I am glad that he did not have to suffer any longer.
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it's always sad to lose an icon... that was a great show.
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There is already a thread about this in the lounge, so Im merging the two together.
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Lorie, I know he consulted with child psychologists, but I'm not sure he had a degree himself.
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I loved Mr. Rogers as a child, and respected him greatly as an adult. He has done so much for so many children and devoted his life to all aspects of their entertainment, education, welfare and care. This is, indeed, very sad news.
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